Sunday, March 04, 2007

El Roi(U-are-the-God-who-sees)

CNY is over...Means M107 orientation -The Abyss is starting.Uni will be in HAVOC again..I should be shouting with joy and welcome my dear juniors with red carpet. Surprisingly, i'm not. In fact, i'm quite stress up recently. Just cant concentrate on my studies.... Maybe there are too many things bothering me lately...
Study ar Angelene!! NOSPACESFORMISTAKES this time!!!加油加油,张玲智!!

Argh, my rashes is killing me AGAIN... What am i allergic to?
Can somebody give a list that can cause allergy?Just to warn u guys, it might me Keep away from Me!:P

Angelene, Angelene...Cheer up!!


waSsup Doc: 只要笑一笑,没什么是过不了的!(微笑Pasta)
Translation: Just take everything easily, there is nothing that is too hard to overcome(Sanrio Pasta)

Yup, especially when God is with me...

Was reading Daily Bread yesterday and God showed me this:
If God sees the sparrow's fall,
Paints the lilies short and tall,
Gives the skies their azure hue,
Will He not then care for you?


yr sis* said...


Ee Leen said...

hey..i watched sanrio pasta for the 2nd and 3rd time today :)

just wanna thank u for opening ur house for the cny celebration :) sorry for making ur house so messy..but we (or rather i) indeed had a great time there :)

cheer up girl!! (so that u could cheer me up :) )

*ang-er-ang-er* (u shld know this...coz u deal so much with little kids :P)

take care girl :)

misssuyin said...


You can do this wan!! i know you can!!

and if u need any help must ask ya?

*g'luck hug*

s@rah said...

eh miss liow. i dunno what ang-er. ang-er leh. i just know... don't let the sun come down on your anger only. hahaha. enlighten me please =)

casper said...

B A X I A ! ! !
B A X I A ! ! !

ee leen said...

sarah i know why u told me to "siow" just now :P anyway...angelene will enlighten u :P

my dear angel...u know what??? i just did something that i haven't done for a long time :P i stayed up till 230am just to watch sanrio pasta! :P the show is really funny la! i actually managed to laugh hard after a moody day :) haha...and i heard he qun said that phrase...abt "siow yi siow" :D

S M I L E :):):):):):):):):):):) (hey count the smileys that i've typed..i'm sure u'll smile :P hehe :) )

Anonymous said...

b a x i a??
my girl overdosed casperrr

s@rah said...

i wanna watch wei xiao pasta!!

and eat pasta.


muacks angie :*

casper said...

sorry wrong channel
neva watch sanrio pasta.
i luv eatin pasta anyway.
pardon me, wrong channel again.

*jeSSicA* said...

rashes again? wat are u allergic to?? eggs? dust? peanuts? animal fur? seafood?

wah u dun scare me le, stress yourself like i chose the wrong course coz it made u so stressful...u know wat a senior told my friends and me: Don't Do Medicine! (it's a joke la anyway)

Aza Aza Fighting! Gambateh and relax,玲智! =D

Ang3 said...

Thanks Peeps for ur LOVE n SUPPORT!

>Sarah n Ee Leen: Yay, finally i found some soul mates who stay up with me n watch Sanrio Pasta.Muahahhaa...I was really shocked when u girls msged me in the middle of the night! Anyway, tmr is the LAST episode, make sure u both dun miss it:) Love you both muchie!!

>Ee Leen: i hv counted the smiley..there are overall 11 of them...Dun worry i kno wat is the meaning behind...Hehe..It's so sweet of you. Muacks!

>Denise: Thanks dear. I'll sure ask u lots of Qs if i dunno loo..Be prepared!

>Casper: Chill la, u're not in the wrong channel. I watched 'My Girl' d, so i understand wat is BAXIA!!Thanks ya..Yup, Baxia Baxia!:]

>Jess: Actually medicine is FUN! Dun ever think you're in the wrong course..I'm sure u'll enjoy it...Sad to tell u, i still dunno wat i'm allergy to...*sob sob*

pei said...

yesh yesh Ange cheer up!! For wateva reason u are feeling unhappy, it'll pass...:P

God bless ya

crz said...

cheer up angie!! smile =) see.. 13 comments!! see.. got so many ppl sayang u.. there's another 13 reasons 2 smile.. =)take care n god bless!!