Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Happie Birthday Eugene!

HappIe 17th Birthday Eugene!!!!
U're a big boy now, so no more childish stuff like
1)Pushing me around in cell
2)Scary surprise faces after patting my back
3)Throwing pillows on me
May u have a great year ahead ya:)


yr sis* said...

happy b'day Eugene!!
ha ha ha, will he ever c this???

hmmm, dat oso means someone's bday is near=P

c a s p e r said...

the boy looks cute

Anonymous said...

ahhahah , vry cute vry cute the guy, like the cake

Ang3 said...

>Casper:Muahaha..I shall tell him when i meet him tmr:)

Eugene said...

Angelene jie! =p
thankssssss!!!! XD
the list of things i can't do rite..i'm not gonna follow :D