Wednesday, February 21, 2007

CNY 2007

Okie my dear sis, as i have promised. This was what we did for our CNY.

1st day of CNY
Papa decided to go on a road trip. However, koko became our driver..Hehe!
So, we drove from Seremban>Banting>Morib>Sepang>Port Dickson>Seremban!

Quite a few places in one day noh. It's quite fun coz it has been a while our family never travel in one car. Still remember the days we used to travel from Kelantan for 9 awful hours to Seremban? And 4 of us behind papa's car will be fighting for spaces....Haih,those were the days!
Okla, let you see some nice nice pics:)
Some Dishes we had during 除夕(Chuxi).....

Yee Sang(looks better than yours in UK..Hehe)

3 Seasons(shud be 4 rite??--weirdo!)

Your favourite Shark Fin!! Cod Fish(年年有余)


Dadddy, infront of Pantai Kelanang @ Morib

Water Chalets @ Port Dickson

Mommy's handsome Boys...

On the 2nd day, we drove to Tampin to visit granny.
That's basically wat we did for CNY....So dun worry dear, you dun loose much!:)

wasSup Doc : Anjing pegi, babi mali, 'sueh' pegi, 'ONG' mali, untong untong manyak kali, hali hali suka hati, kena ekor, kena loteli. Gongxi gongxi lu sama famili.....


crz said...

you kill sharks!!!

yr sis* said...

haha gary boy looking really funny with his hair.. he tot he is jun woo hyuk izzit? my dear!

btw, my yee sang is a fake one ok, its maggie mee gorenggg.
Looked real rite?
...i knew it=P

GEOFFREY said...

haha... in Malaysia its 3 seasons la... hot, hotter and hottest...

*sobs*... one less shark in the sea...

GEOFFREY said...

haha... you wanna know what's most striking about that post???



*cheyne-stokes respiration*

*collapses on the floor with froth dribbling from his mouth*

haha... you look pretty k... =P

Anonymous said...

shin ann: You look so A.N.G.E.L.I.C.O.U.S in that dress. :p

shaz said...

ange, u always never fail to be sweet. and sweeter. :)

blessed + prosperous new year to you. god bless!