Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Abyss-How far wud you go to survive??

A little to share about the recent orientation for M107...
Biggie hugs to all the committee who had put in lots of effort to make it a success!

Tribal Tribute 'more skin, sure WIN'
Shrek in IMU??
Dun Mess with us!!

Seniors: Do u wan some butter?Flour?Water?
Rest in Peace....
(Juniors were asked to find the key to unlock a treasure box in order to free their OO from the coffin)

(a GUY from each group was required to crossdress and dance)

Juniors' performance--Sperm in search for ovum?
Clubbing @ IMU car park?Wow..FOC!
Juniors, U have Survived!!
This is just the beginning.......

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