Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to Jess:)

wokay dokay my dear. Smth u wanted for ur 21st, right....?

Here it goes...

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to J-E-S-S-I-C-A
Happy birthday to you

Since u missed my singing the other day, now u imagine me singing it all over again laa...rmb, i cant sing well, so u must imagine it be a bit cacat n out of tune k*_*

Let me recall back how we got closer...form 5 yea?

Think it was during our tuition time when u sat beside me, me being the naughty n annoying one kept disturbing and poking you with my pen though the teacher was teaching in front:P thank God u didnt ignore me but allowed me being mischievous:)
And she being so kind hearted offered me her precious time to teach me piano. It was form 5 and all of us were so busy with our studies, preparing ourselves for SPM. But she took some time out and invited me to her house for FREE piano lessons and her mum even cooked nice meals for me:) despite me being not so talented in music, still she patiently taught me and phew i sailed through grade 8 without letting her's really a big relief coz it was tough tough tough!

And so our friendship grew:) but we dont get to spend time together, afterwards, i went off to Taylor's and she went to INTEC. We maintained this friendship through msn, letters and emails..Long distance friendship?! It works well i must say eventhough she is now in Monash, Aussie and me in UK. Both of us are again separated far far apart, but we share some similarities, we both doing the same course, we both loving the same God:) God is in the centre of our friendship and He will surely let us meet one day:) [so Jess, jangan emo ar]

2006- when Jess taught me how to make trifle for my elective:P

2007- Jess just came bc from Aus, @ my place, vista!

2008- At Jess' garden:)

and year 2009 - MSN on my birthday:)

hope we can snap more pics in the many years to come, k:)

my wishes for you on this big day:
1) stay cheerful and young..SMILE darling!
2) sail through 4th year with flying colours
3) continue to be a blessing as u always have been
4) eat properly and sleep well!
5) not so stress up but chill and relax!

Jesus loves you
Angie loves you 2!

wasSup Doc: 'A best friend is a sister that destiny forgot to give you'
yep, u're indeed my lost sista:) just remember there is no distance between friends, because the love we share gives wings to the hearts *whee*.

Happy birthday dear

Jessica Tan Sook Kuan


*jeSSicA* said...

whoa...i didn't expect u to write so soon...i thought that u would only do it during the weekends!

haha...this is the first time i hear ppl say 'long distance friendship'! erm, one pic per year kinda indicate how 'less' times we have met up =( and yala we didn't get to spend time together, no shopping, no yum cha, no going to the beach, no watching movies, no celebrating birthdays...ppl must be wondering how could we even end up being best friends yea? @.@

why la u keep saying u cant sing well...and hey my dear u are being more 'cute' than 'annoying' with ur 'innocent angelic' face, that is why i fell under ur 'spell' and allowed u to be notty =P

i can make a better and nicer looking and colourful trifle now compared to the one in 2006 =) btw, i'm still doing 3rd year la...blur u =P and there are more similarities that we share, i can write a whole list of that =P

i love how u wrote that last paragraph...very meaningful =D thanks for this special post for me though it's me who demanded for it. but hey, it's my first demand from u, no? ^_^

p/s: i kept reading the first 2nd sentence of ur post again and again. sounds like ada udang di sebalik batu....

Gary said...

Too much too much too muchie~~~... How come I dun get 2 eat Jap food b4 i leave de.. No fair! Anyway, U better d sis? Did a good job blogging.. Continue d good work, I will drop by time by time, stalking ur blog. Take care na.

Ang3 said...

>Jess: which sentence u meant ad udang di sebalik batu? i dun think so wor...all sincere k:P

>Gygy: yea, shud hv brought u along for the jap buffet. i am sure u'll enjoy the food there. and u're such a big eater, sure worth the money we pay..anyway, keep in touchie didi, am doing all right:)

*jeSSicA* said...

no no i din mean u are not sincere...i know u have a pure heart =) erm, the 2nd sentence 'smth u wanted for ur 21st, right....?' coz u used '.......' at the end of the sentence which i think is quite unusual for ur style of writing =P