Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy EID

Selamat Hari Raya...to all my fellow Muslim friends:)

Hope all of you had a great celebration with authentic Malaysian feast..rendang, chicken curry, nasi lemak...nyum!

Thanks to Min, we were soo blessed by his cookin skills..GOOD food to fill our crave for Malaysian food after exactly 1 month back in Manchester! He invited us to his apartment and prepared really awesome food for us. Felt at home while we savoured every bite of our meal...wahhh...*salivate kao kao*:) SEeeee it urself.......
the whole table was filled with FOOOOOD! Rendang, roast chicken, fish curry, ketupat, roast potatoes, sambal ikan bilis..
simple yet superb nasi lemak:)
tadaaa~ *i cook NONE of the below:P*
the group of us!
See how contented my sis' face is! Even ate with hands wei..
we then played the new board game called 'Articulate'. Really fun n exciting! Smth like taboo but more interesting wth different categories. TQ Min who fed-Ex it from Amazon..muakkaakak..we had great fun on Eid:)

but not the aftermath. When i came back, main road was blocked, so Steph n I had to get off the bus slightly earlier and walked home. It was really traumatizing coz my hall is just next to Rusholme, most Muslims stay here, so they're having party on the street, dancing, screaming and blasting songs from their cars...i sped up n when i reached home, my warden was there and i just hugged her and cried! "It was indeed a horrible night", she whispered to my ear. Felt so much better after hugging her:) Moral of the story..DUN STAY OUT till so late next time, esp during Eid... phew.
that's my Eid..

It has been a busy busy week. Was on evening shift on one of the weekdays and work on Saturday as well. But both shifts were productive and fruitful because the doctors we were attached to are really keen in teaching us. So learnt quite a bit from them:)
so this was our dinner/supper after night shift..porridge, baked fish fillet and vege:)

We have a guest from Malaysia:) Eugene's sista, Ee Von! So we brought her to the Korean Restaurant in Fairfield. Really love the dinner, guess it's because it's been quite some time since we last visited this place. Their Korean food is really authentic with reasonable price:)
Ee Von and LySteph n m3
You could see Ly and me were sooo tired. We just finished our GP day, and this was the day that we had to wake up 5.30am to get to that place called Glossop. But this week community was great! Our Gp brought us to GP training day at Tameside Hospital. He paid for our lunch! PLUS, he sneaked pens from the drug company booths for us..so cute lar! He is just like a dad who is looking after his 2 Chinese daughter and proudly intro us to his fellow GP frens:) PLUS, we knew he is super money-minded, but willingly he sacrificed the talk about GP finance management, and brought us to Child protection talk as he knew we were doing such topic in our PBL! And he also made sure we got the handouts given during the talk..Muakakakak..he was quite stern with us previously( did i tell you that he wont allow us to go home after his surgery which ends at 11am, but make sure we stayed till 5pm, and sits in the kitchen to do our revision?! PLUS we have to complete some BMJ modules online and print out the certificate saying we have passed that topic?! He will even purposely walk in the kitchen and advise us on how to study!!) He just need to make sure we study and learn! Really good i must say, but by the time we reached home, we both will be exhausted beyond words:)
but now...we really like him..kaipak(stepdad)!

Came back on Sat evening from Bury and met up with Shahira @ Red Chilli:)
we celebrated her belated 21st birthday. Poor gurl never had a surprise party, and glad we managed to give her great one:)

Happy biggie day darling!

it's indeed a joy when somebody is happy with wat u've done:)

4 of us:) <3

Okay, now u can scold me for being too clumsy...i dunno how and why!
i was just stepping up the stairs and i tripped and the next second, i'm on the floor with this bruise. I thought was just a superficial bruise but too bad, i didnt look after it properly and now pus is oozing out! Sore it is!it's not as fresh as u can see it here..it's now covered by a yellowish hard layer:P but Doctor said my body is doing real well in fighting the infection, so no worries just apply E45( the magic cream that works well for everybody..me love! Highly recommended)
ahhh..i dun wan scar la on my hand..it's my dominant hand some more, felt so handicapped when my right hand is not working well..sigh:'(
just pray it will heal ASAP!

Manchester is crowded with students now..the noise is back! Freshers' Week is here.
Had a prayer walk with Pastor Kim this afternoon along the university and the hospital. Really pray that God will touch lives here, open their hearts and lead them not into temptations but towards the path God has instored for them. May God be part of their lives and they will lean on Him for strength, for comfort and joy....amen

wasSup Doc:
Social Night by SF is this Saturday, 7pm..Freshers in Manchester, u're more than welcome to join us:)
Free Food! lots of Games! Great People!
an encounter with God:)
Contact ANGELENE for FREE tickets!


~*eley *~ said...

omg, i wan home cooked raya food too!!! the ramadhan bazaar food tends to get old aft a while but spicy popiah will forever have a place in my "heart".

take care of your wound le.. and of yourself too. :)

khairul said...

eh where got muslims dance on the street to celebrate eid one.. screaming jumping around... must be the hamsap kind lol.. u la.. never ask ur ah beng bro to walk u home.. lol

and because of ur post... i have the sudden urge to makan again!!! u ah.. making me fat ony.. hahahaha

god bless malaysian food

*jeSSicA* said...

now u have sth in common with me...

haha i'm just joking la. was shocked when i saw the photo on fb. hope it will heal soon. <3

p/s: u got time to blog and upload photos on fb but dun have time to search for the backup?! ANGIE! hehehe

Ang3 said...

>Eley: but but i miss ramadhan food..:( hehe..they're always good, esp i dun get them here now!

>khairul: yea..they're ALL hamsup! my bro is too tired after preparing the dinner for us. dun wan to kacau him la..and me has nth to do with ur FAT-ness:P just EAT la..who cares:) yup, God bless Malaysia too!!

>Jess: sorry babe, will try to find when i kno where it is k..patient laaa:) smth in common? the wound? muakakakk..doctor said it's typical staphy infection, coz it has golden crust on it dy:P need to start fluclox! but i dun wan pay for the presricptions laaa..leave it first k!

Jens said...

wah lau eh!!!!!!!!!!!!


the food looks soooooooooo good la.. but i still have rendang supplies! open house tmw! woot~!!

Ang3 said...

>Jens: hah, dun find me for that! me cant cook those..HUNT MIN down...ppl raya, u raya..OPEN HOUSE pulak...sure banyak good food:) enjoy urself!