Tuesday, September 29, 2009

God's perfect timing!

Aloha...Greetings from AngieMangie! :)
Been a busy witsy week..PlayED HARD, workED HARDer:)
Interesting case in ward? A kid with nephrotic syndrome... typical signs and symptoms..!! PLUS, a 3 hours long ward rounds with Dr Prabu..he is really enthu at teaching! Why the ward rounds took so long? it's not because of the many patients in the ward, it's because of his enthusiasm in teaching us....with his statistics...Goodie ward round:D
cutie little chick given by one the patients who came during my GP day. After seeing the dr, she took this out from her bag and gave to us..She knitted this herself and put a choc in it and spread her l.o.v.e around:) Awww....
Hall catered food has started, but since we always come back LATE, Pat, our dear chef packed our dinner into microwavable Tupperware so that we could heat the food up when we come back..awww...felt so loved now:)
Social Night
-Freshers' welcome party by SF-
-a night filled with God's presence-


Helen*Angie*Nicola*Lily...with balloons:) Happy stuff~

the table i served...most of us were in charged of waitressing!

ChefS of the night...they are the ones who prepared good Malaysian food for the 100 ppl!
Hainanese Chicken rice

Nasi lemak with chicken curry+prawn sambal

How i met this gurl, Ee May during Social Night was..amazing! She is best friend to Wennie. And before i came back from Summer, Wennie emailed me bout her dy.All i know is that a gurl named EeMay is coming. no contacts, no emails! But due to all the busy schedule, i didnt manage to contact her and invite her for this event. It was such a beautiful meet up only by God's arrangement that we met in Social Night. and guess how she knew about this event? it's when she was on her way to buy potatoes in the shop and bumped into some Malaysians speaking with some Malaysian slang! She approached them and..they invited her along! isnt' that random!?

PLUS another gurl named Sarah, Ivy's fren. That very morning, Ivy just msged me about her who just arrived Manchester and asked me to give her a call, but she has not got her contact as yet! So i cant contact her anyway. BUT guess wat, she TURNED UP as well. I was randomly introducing myself to the freshers and she popped up and asked whether i'm ANGELENE TEO! take note, not many ppl kno my surname esp a stranger!? i was shocked! and it's surely definitely not by coincidence how i met them..it's only God could do such miracle!
Praise the Lord for such arrangements!
I'm liking to see all His work so REAL..

SF-ers..post event:) We soar on eagles wings! Not growing weary..to serve the community:)

Dim Sum with the Liverpool gang:)


Pei Hua and M3...my only MRI junior!
SistaS dinner time @ KRO bar

Daje n mua
Stephie's fish&chips!my lunch platter n rye bread..xxLy's chicken fajitas
Pub food craze:P

went Whitefield this morning. Signed up to attend an audiology clinic for kids! Passed by this scenic garden and it reminded me about God being so artistic! Ahh, my life is gonna be beautiful as well:)

wasSup Doc:
Sometimes it only takes
a burst of SUNSHINE
a stalk of SUNFLOWER
a beautiful SONG
to flood the heart with


*jeSSicA* said...

looks like u eat a lot =P (as if i dunno right)

beautiful girl, beautiful life =D

Jens said...

sounds like 'in pursuit of happyness' the angelene teo's chronicles... haha

Ang3 said...

>Jess: as always, me eating a lot..esp the winter is near:P a reason to store fat so that i dun feel cold~~

>Jens: me in the 'pursuit of happyness?' Muakakka...