Sunday, August 30, 2009

Back in Manchester..

phew...finally get to take some time off from work to update this bloggie of mine:)

So sorry to those mummies n daddies out there, concerning bout their lovely daughters in Manchester...hehe...the 3 gurls..settled in Manchester quite well..i think:P but har, no pics to prove so coz my dearest sistaS said they're not in GOOD CONDITION to take pics wor..too bad lar :) not me dun wan take ar...oh wells, no worries la, we're all grown up, we know how to take good care of far so goodie!

A bit of hectic-ness for Lily and myself la..coz we've been posted to Fairfield for our Family and Children module..a good 14 weeks, with accommodation provided but NO internet! The only way to get connected to the world is the computer room in library..which only allows very limited websites..NO blogs, NO Facebook, NO MSN, bc to emails!...PLUS the 2 hours bus journey with 3 interchanges to get there..TIRING kao. Not to forget, our GP was in the middle of the week, and was located far east from order to get there, we have to take bus, TRAIN, and TAXI...a way journey there cost us a BOMB and the uni is just gonna give us a pathetic 5 pounds bursary! not to forget, it took 2 hours to get there. We had to wake up at 5.30am so that we could arrive there by 8am! We're goin to travel like this for about 13 more weeks, and this first week had drenched us to the max...note: was on night call last Fri and also Sat...let me take a DEEP BREATH now...Thank God for the coming Monday bank hols for us to do our pbl which cover obs n gyn stuff! Yup, that's LOADS of work to do..Oh wells, that's medical school isnt it:) our sleepy faces, waking up at 530am to catch the train to Glossop for our GP day..exhausted!

the small lil room we were given in Fairfield

So far, Peads was GREAT, kids are just awesome creationS:) seeing them being sick in the ward was no good feeling at all, hearing them shrieking and crying made my heart sank...They dont deserve this pain :( They shud be happy jolly playing with their toys...ahh, this world is full of diseases n bugs n unhealthy stuff, that's y they need doctors kan:P kiddo oh kiddo..i wan to be a child again, without fear, worries n doubts...not knowing evil and the ugliness of this broken world.. that's impossible..just looking forward to go back to my perfect HOME in heaven, no cries, no pain, no sorrow..only joy n laughter! Just got to wait for Him to bring me Home..

a few updates b4 i came back Manchester. Last week in Malaysia, quite productive:) met up with friends and also spending time with my bro, lawyers are way toO busy man...sigh:) but it was a good and emo week! bye Malaysia..
Wendy and me @ Rakusen..jap buffet! Eat jap food kao kao KAO!
Thanks bro for taking me out despite ur busy schedule..hugS

Caryn oh blur Caryn..double date with so many peeps:P +Keat Seong n Julius:)
had dinner with Joyce @ Subang Parade. a GREAT sista in Christ. Thanks for all prayers n sharing. all the best in Melbourne k..u're gonna be fine FINE fine..doggie gonna survive..yay! took a train to MV to celebrate Lijun's belated 21st! i've always missed her big day..:( all the bestie dearie in Queensland k..kiT!

final family dinner b4 my bro left to US

the incredible TeoS:)

since i flew back by Emirates..i must continue praising Emirates...wakakkakak..this airline is just way tooOo Good to be true:) i have always enjoyed my flight..

wokay, my first leg to Dubai was not bad, left Malaysia at 2am. and me being the seafood lover was served with Salmon bun for supper plus choc mousse! Just b4 i touched down Dubai, breakkie was omelet with tuna and vege..quite nice..just wont go wrong if u choose seafood meal:) worth the $$!!
another reason of me loving Emirates:P i've been upgraded to Business Class because of the points i collected just after a few flights i have taken! GoooDie jolLie HappiE. My second part of the journey was by business least smth good after being so emo to leave my dear home.

me @ the business class lounge. VERY classy huh:) this is just part of the lounge, actually the whole place was really nice n comfy. My comp was low in batt that time, thanks to their computer room with internet assess..that's why i cud email u mommy:)
the free flow of coffee, assorted teas, juices, hot breakfast, muesli, FOOOD and see the tiny lil fridge..they're all Haagan Daaz ice all you want:P
just some lil things i tried coz i was too full after my first flight:) see the tiny bottle of honey they served..cute hor:)

Business class...1 word: PRIORITY!

need not queue to get in the plane, need not wait for ur luggage as it will come out first, get to bring more weights, get to eat more and better food, good services, got to use proper plates rather than those plastic trays, nicer washrooms n my favo was...more comfy pillow n thicker blanket:P

continental breakfast once u board the flight...fruits, assorted buns n LOW FAT yogurt:)
appetizer: Marinated prawns..BIG fresh prawns oh. see those tiny cute lil bottles of salt, pepper and olive oil..note: we all have napkins under our respective table b4 food was served:P

main dish:(this was what written on the menu)- mixed seafood platter with a medley of grilled salmon, poached sea bass and pan-fried lobster, with a creamy Pommery flavoured sauce, braised baby leek, roasted cherry tomato on the vine and sliced new potatoes with fresh dill. Hah...sounds good, tasted okay only larr:) and finally my dessert..Fruit platter..of coz there are cakes, pies and ice cream but i just cant sabo myself, indulging with those sinful sweets. way too much for my body to 'tahan' Go healthy lo..add on: they served assorted chocs from Godiva k..and also not simple tea or coffee, u have a varieties of chamomile, earl grey or even espresso, cappuccino or freshly brewed coffee..take that! PLUS comparing to economy class peanuts as snack, here they served assorted nuts incl pistachio, almond, Macedonia and cashew nuts..AWESOME, i love nuts!
and now everybody can fly Business Class..only with Emirates:) Honestly, i can be the spoke person for Emirates...come find me @ 077.....!! i am more than happy to be so^_^

anyway, that's bout my flight. nothing big to boast about, just to say Emirates is really a good airline:P ahh, enuff said, go give a try k! U sure will love it!

back to reality, enjoying my rotation in peads, just that i hate travelling!! One funny thing bout the peads team in Fairfield. Most of the consultants, Fy1, Fy2, SHO, registrars..are all NONE Brits..mostly 5 medical students..NONE whites as well..weirdo weirDo weirdO..Where are the orang putih weii...I'm in Great Britain, rmb:P

wasSup Doc: In God's garden of love, you are His forget-me-not.
This promise is good enough to sustain me through.


*jeSSicA* said...

business class fuyoh!! so i guessed right when u updated ur status in fb =P lucky u oh...i doubt i will have the chance ever to fly business class >.< enjoy la u hehe

u got more friends in melbourne dy, does that give u a higher possibility to come melb? =P

*jeSSicA* said...

by the way, i read ur description on travelling to fairfield...walau, i could feel that it's really tiring just by reading >.< u made fairfield sound like some hidden forest la, say no internet and the only way to get connected to the world is via the computers in the library...and only emails allowed! hahaha

Ah Pei said...

wow. that's is soo cool. business class sial. :P

Ang3 said...

>Jessica: muakakka..the chances to go melb doesnt depend on the number frens i have there la my dear:P of coz i wanna go there! and, Fairfield is not that ulu actually, they got the biggest market in UK, just that to get there is kind of direct bus to get there..oh well..

>Pei: yes yes class sial..heard u coming UK fly Emirates and start collecting points...muakakaka!!

iVan Chong said...

yesssss Fly Emirates rock!!
but i didn't take Business Class ):