Monday, September 14, 2009


It's been a while since i last updated. So sorry for this delay momsy!

This showed how busy i am:P apart from the work in hospital, the journey we travelled definitely draining us to the max! The most unfortunate thing that happened was last Friday, as the bus drivers went on STRIKE because they couldnt reach a pay deal agreement! And we had to rush train station to take the tram to Fairfield instead which cost us 5 pounds! WHY such things happened?! Why we have to be the victims of this!'s already the 3rd week and we're still complaining again and again about this matter. Lord, help us to understand the reason You put us through all these sufferings, and please teach us to give thanks and count our blessings:)

*side note: today's devotion was on Romans 5:2-3= and we rejoice in the hope of the glory of God. Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings , because we know that suffering produces perseverance.* Ly and my prayer every morning, that is to let God take hold of our lives, and open our eyes to see what great plan God has in stored for us everyday. To be grateful, to be contented, to look at the positive side and surrender despite all the hassle we're going through. Really need to rest in Him and rely NOT on our own strength:)

Aside from our daily hospital ward rounds and clinics in the Peads wards, we got to attend a Family Planning clinic during our GP day, which was quite productive:)
Other than that, was on night last Tuesday, but the ward was rather quiet, so didnt get to see much. Should i pray that more kids to be admitted in the hospital so i could see more interesting cases, or should i pray all the children to be fit and healthy....sigh, dilemma:( This was one of our dinner from the canteen in the hospital. Unfortunately, they only had vege pasta. We didnt know the canteen dun sell proper meals for dinner, this pasta was leftover from lunch time:(And the box of pepper and carrot, i prepared it myself since i need loads of vege! Since then, Ly and me decided to bring some stuff over so we could cook better and nutritious food:P Save money as well! MomsyS, proud of us ya?!

And this weekend was a hectic one. We had to move into our permanent room within ONE day! Due to some miscommunication, we were asked to evacuate from our en suite(temporary room) IMMEDIATELY! much to move, so little time given:( but WE the SUPERWOMEN managed to move everything on time! Phew...backache, tired sial!
my room with soOo many boxes! b4 unpacking:( ONE afternoon, my messy room turned so pwetty:)the mountain height books brought over from Malaysia! Big relief now..i'm kinda settled finally! But i do miss the en suite i stayed previously. Should have taken a pic for you guys to see, how Ly and me squeezed in that room, we had our own compartment, and we slept on the same bed, shared the same bathroom for 3 weeks! Amazingly, we survived:) And now we're in our respective rooms, she is staying right below me though..she claimed she could hear my phone vibrating yesterday..gosh, it's THAT THIN, so if i shout, she sure can hear! Muakakkak..

2 Saturdays ago, Min, KeeFong and Pei Hua cooked a superdeliciousy meal for us:) It's a POST celebration for Lily's birthday since we didnt have one b4 we balik kampung!
Us with super biggie smile:) *actually all of us were starving, but me being Angie, FORCED them to take this pic..muakkakaka, sorry guys*

and the menu as below. Dun salivate ya!Min's heavenly lamb ribs..gosh, it's really GOOOOOD!KeeFong's sweet and sour fish!Seaweed soup with fishballs
PeiHua's soysauce fishy

and Siti bought us the 'very CRISPY' apple for dessert:)

and the burfday gurl...HAPPY belated BIGGIE DAY(after 1 month exactly)

Stephie BAKED a brownie cake for Ly, but our sista accidentally add in gelatin into the mix and she forgot our fellow Malay friends cant eat gelatin, so the cake was replaced! phew, thank God i managed to get another cake just in time! sorry Ly, had to lie soo many times:P but STEPHIE BAKED! all her hard work to give Ly a surprise went wasted. But no worries daje, we finished the cake after 1 week. Muakakkak..our breakfast!

Aunt Winnie, this pic is for you. Just want to show you that Lily is eating really well! We cooked quite healthily..carbs, LOADS of vege and protein:) So no worries k, she is well taken care of!

clockwise: baked fish and chips, noodle with marmite chicken and broc, noodle with cod fish and cabbage, pork chop and Chinese leaf:)

my personal dietitian(Ly) spotted this when we were shopping for our groceries. It's ONLY 87calories! LOW FAT, but same taste! Guess wat, coz they used skimmed milk:) really good, so those weight watchers, look out for this and give yourself a treat k. If my dietitian says can eat, means BOLEH MAKAN! Go ahead and enjoy!*comes with strawberry n mint flavours*

Not to forget, our annual IMU-Manchester, Juniors welcoming party was a great success! 72 people turned up, a huge seniors and juniors gathering @ Red Chilli. Big thanks to the organisers who had put in so much effort! TQ guys! Good job!

Lily and Wilfred- our dearest organisers who have done a tremendous work!
Bro and SistaS:)

As usual, this is how Seniors get to know juniors in IMU. VIVA style! All juniors had to intro themselves in front of all seniors, and being asked tricky questions! Some even had to sing...could see all juniors kinda stressSs..the fear of seniors! But in the end, semua kawan baik...

SupErWoMeN....yes, we shall persevere on! Smile smile..another week just about to begin and let's face it with joy because God is with us. His presence wil build our stamina and in Him we are well looked after:)

wasSup Doc: Tune you anxious heart to patience, walk by faith where sight is dim; loving God, be calm and trustful and leaving everything to Him. take heart peeps!


CarynBear said...

ooo.. angie super chef dy.
i want ze foood ... & bento lunch box =p

Ang3 said...

>Caryn: SUPER CHEF?! not even near there ler:( all i know is steam, boil, bake and stir fry..muakaka..stil a long way to learn! yup, bento boxes is my passion now, but due my current hectic schedule, i've got no time to start that yet! cant wait tho, rmb the stuff i bought from Daiso with u? they're gonna be of good use soon...hehe:) me wan go Japan NOWwww to get more moulds!

CarynBear said...

must post up pics of ur bento creation ya nx time! hehe. like those bento blogs.
u want go japan? but i want to go KOREA!! sigh. ok lar ok lar compromise lar ...hehe