Monday, October 12, 2009

Soooo many things to tell....

Ahhhh.....finally i could find some time to tell my up abouts of the last 2 weeks:) Been the busiest ever..but phew, all over and gonna start with a 'BANG' soon! Let's talk about last LAST Sat. Celebrated Min's belated birthday at East2East..this new explored Indian Restaurant in the town. Very posh ambiance i must admit, but the price for the food are reasonable and yum, tho i didnt eat much coz i had a heavy dimsum lunch with the fellow leaders in Glamorous after the leaders retreat in church. Knowing that when u're eating with the older generation, they will order MORE and BETTER food:) And when you hv consultants in the midst of the leaders, they will treat us...guess doctors DO get higher pay here:P Anyway, Min's biggie day pics:)
Happy Biggie day with double portion of blessing:)the peeps who went

Uncle Mike's open house for new students!

As usual, when the new academic year starts, Uncle Mike and family will always open up their house to welcome new students. Blessed with home cooked Chinese food and games:D

Quite a lot of us turned up!

Aunt SweeLeen, she 's a Malaysian frm Melacca. But she has settled in UK for years and working as a translator in the hospital. She loved us so much that she prepared lots of nice food for us!

Uncle Lip:) our student fellowship advisor. He is a consultant in Oncology, graduated from Melbourne Uni. A father to 3 lovely daughters. A man after God's heart!

the good food we had
M'sia n Singapore version of BSB:P

Awwww, we felt so loved *whee*

Bury Market we went!

We've been in staying in Bury for about 7weeks! and most of the time, we had microwavable meal or just super simple meal for dinner. Been not very healthy we know...let's see wat we had in the past..

Microwavable food, LOWFAT beef and Yorkshire pudding+VEGENoodle+Bakgua+Egg+Vege
pathetic kan:'(

we used to eat quite good meal in out catered hall. but since we cudn't go back now, we're forced to cook ourselves.

Soooo, to improvised our meals for the next coming weeks, we decided to pay a visit to Bury Market( UK VOTED BEST MARKET) and get some groceries on a fine Sat morning!

Adventurous us @ Bury Market. 1st time there despite staying in Bury for 7 weeks dy..

jakun us, attracted to the cakes! and the home-made muffins/bread!
outside of the market...selling super fresh vege, fruits and meat at cheaper price.
inside the market hall, selling clothing, cards, brollies etc...
and we decided to give ourselves a treat of cappuccino and muffin after a long hectic working week. Ahhh, this is life, sitting in the coffee house, chit chatting while enjoying our hot cup of cappuccino:) we like!


SF meeting @ Jo's

Student fellowship started off last Thursday with bible study. I took up the challenge of becoming the small group leader this academic year. It's a new breakthrough for me because if u kno me better, i dun really hv the quality to lead, but maybe it's time to stand up and try smth new and get my feet off the comfort zone. Stretching my limit more will mould my character isn't it? So yea, please keep me in prayer bout this matter k. The 1st bible study last week went quite allright, group members are of great ppl. Thank God for that. Hope that God will bind us together and grow spiritually closer to Him as well. Time management!!! jiayou Angie:)
Jo, SF leader! decided to cook a nice meal for us over the weekend despite being sick, coughing! That's y she wore a mask when she cook so that she dun transmit germs to us! muakakkaka..

Mapo taufu

Chicken with fungus SF committee:D

Thanks for the encouragements and supportive love. God bless u all:) Great working as a team with you all.

Yup, my 7weeks of peads posting has just ended. Time really flies. It's been a great posting, with some good PBL group.
Dr Prabhu..the most enthu peads dr i've ever met! We enjoyed his teachings esp during ward rounds. That's y, doing ward rounds with him will take up to 3 hours!
He is one of the prominent features dealing with child protection issues. His quote: We're here to protect the children, not to accuse the parents!
good thought indeed.
a very inspiring doctor who is so passionate with his job.
Glossop adventure has ended as well. No more misery of waking up 530am in the morning to go there.
will post about my complete journey there one day. YESsss.. it's all over now.
Swapping to obs n gyn next week.
hope i will enjoy this posting too
but BURY is still where i will be..for the next 6 weeks!
*wish me luck*
Sarah's visit to Mcr!
and this week ended with a BANG as well, with the most influential gurl, Sarah's arrival to Mcr!
it's been a year++ i never see this scandalous woman!
SOOoooooo, excited larrr..muakakkaka
Great catching with you la many things to share, so many things to update within such a short day. Will surely, definitely pay u a visit in Edin when i've got the FREE time k.
Cook me nice food and bake me nice cakes when i go na.

and finally mum, this is for u!
since u're so worried bout my's healing now.
No more puss coming out..
but i think there will be a permanent scar on it:'(
so regret falling down now...sigh..
Lord, please do a miracle for me. remove this scar please....

chiaoz peeps.
it's time to PRESS my pause button.
need a break

waSsup Doc:
All things bright and beautiful;
All creatures great and small;
All things wise and wonderful;
The Lord God made them all.


xan-di said...

can try putting vitamin E cream dear =D

Ang3 said...

>Xan: YEA, that's wat my mummy told me..gonna get one if i got the time:( tak cukup masa ni....ahhhhh

*jeSSicA* said...

ooo finally can blog dy!

u brought ur camera to the market?? i went to victoria market (the famous big market here) quite a few times in the last 2 years (haven't been there this year =/) but i never take pics IN there!

Ang3 said...

>Jess: Yay, finally can blog dy:) Thanks to U! haha, y we brought our camera there...hmm, coz it's the UK voted BEST market, so we need to go explore, and we wont got there often..Soooo, we're like tourists, visitng the BURY MARKET:)

huang said...


Ang3 said...

>huang: wat is Dermatix? sounds good:P but the pharmacy here dun sell vit E cream:( so i bought vit E capsules instead(as suggested by the pharmacist here)and use a needle to poke the capsule so i can rub the Vit E oil on my scar, hoping that it will go away:(