Wednesday, July 22, 2009

good to be in Malaysia:)

yup, been back in Malaysia for almost 2 weeks!
Feeling GOOoooD!
waistline lagi 'BEST'...sigh!
thanks for the 1 week stay @ Genting..Dad n mum has been feeding us with yummilicious food! MOSTLY buffet style somemore..wahlau..i think i gained few kgs just within this one week Genting trip..but but, if i dun eat now, i'll regret when i go bak UK, right. :P (excuse for myself lar!) ignore me pwease:)
Spending most of my time with daddy, mummy, koko, jeje and didi!

just some updates loo:)
me@ Genting!
Sis, didi, daddy n mummy:)
can see my parents super happy to have 4 of us back home together!
daddy n his 'Cinderella'
koko n Wendy

since we've got nth to do, dad suggested to go Karaoke! my daddy just love to sing!

n the buffet galore that makes me FAT!(Satay n cicalok...missed these food so much!)

Mom says this is the way to eat buffet..little of everything! Muakakka:)

basically, summary for my stay @ Genting: Food, sleep, TV, talk!
Went to casino for the..1st time, and was stopped by the guardS TWICE! Guess i looked to young coz they wanted to check my IC! Compliment:P

me@ KL
Man Utd training session..thanks to Eujoe when he msged so last minute whether i want to go because he has extra ticket! And since i've got nth to do that afternoon...why not right:)
(i shud hv seen these fellows in Manchester itself, rather in BJ:P, oh wells)

Man Utd...Destined for Glory! woohooo...the RED Devils(Angels:P) rule!!

see the tiny little players..aiyo, couldnt even see clearly! all i could recognised were Giggs, Owen n Rooney! Dun ask me why...i also tak tahu why:P

Thankies la ahJoeJoe! PLUS the Malaysia night feast @cell! AWESOME*_*

had a good time with my dearie sista as well! See this busy woman...poor gurl has to work from early morning till late night! Life as a lawyer!! At least managed to arrange a dinner with her:)

LY!! rmb we saw this pic at somebody's blog? My sis knows this place n i's behind Lowyat! HongKong delicacies...Hehe..quite nice:)

and of coz, being me, i packed lunch for my sis!

[Appetizer: Grapes+ Main:Tuna Sandwich+ Dessert: Almond cheese biscuit!]

I'm crazy over packing lunch box..

me @Seremban

Went to Bahau to visit my grandma. It's been ages i didnt see her. She is the one who looked after me since young coz my mummy has to work. She was so excited to see both of her precious grandchildren! and she knew we would miss her home cooked food! So she cooked chicken rice for us! Our all time fav!

Us with granny + aunt n uncle+ Cousie!

Fried chicken with ginger:)

Simple yet deliciousy beancurd!

Longbeans with egg...nyum~
and my fav soup: Lotus root n peanuts!
Then as we went back Seremban for dinner...guess wat i had..SEAFOOD!
'chuk tan' :)
BBQ crab @ Seremban Seafood Village. Seremban has always been famous for its crab..and this was the very 1st time i tried it..SLURP!not to forget, my partner in crime..Gary!
we're just having loads of fun over summer hols!
p/s: i had a hair cut kiddo hor!
that's about it for now.
am currently based @Seremban:)

wasSup Doc:
I'm reading this book by Joshua Harris- I kissed dating goodbye..
Singleness is a gift from God, why dont we use this gift to draw closer to God by serving others and show the love of Christ:)
so next time DUN ask me why i'm still single eventhough my age is increasing!
God knows best when i'm going to date:P


*jeSSicA* said...

u are making me hungry but nvm i am not jealous. =P even though i haven't been to seremban before. but if i decide to go to seremban i need u as my tour guide! coz u know where are the must-eat places haha (waistline lagi 'BEST' huh angie? HAHAHA)

nice least not as unkempt as before =P

like the pic of u and ur sis =)

Ang3 said...

>Jess: dun worry dear, u'll be back here in no time! time FLIES. rmb:) and then u could eat all u wan..but as i said..beware of the waistline! PLUS the food ur mummy cook..wahliu!
nice haircut meh? i wanna cut 'botak' hot hot!:P

*jeSSicA* said...

the food my mummy cook? have u had a meal at my house before?? wat she cooked? why i cant rmb o.0 (all i rmb was the time she offered u keropok and those snacks...)

apa botak? without my permission u cant cut botak kay =P

Ang3 said...

>Jess: eh please my dear, i went ur house for lunch larr..i dunno wat is it call, got alot of lauk one, campur campur together n eat one..very very nice:)

wakakkak...if i wanna cut botak hv to ask from u hor, my dearest!:P

JaCeLyN said...

wahahaha... so nice to see you enjoying your time in malaysia.... two months here already and already missing all the food in malaysia =) PLUS, I agree bout being single part!! haha... it is indeed a gift given from God to fulfil the purpose that He has wonderfully created for us... hehe...

Ang3 said...

>Jacelyn: dun worry gal, 1 year passes by very very fast! u'll be home in a blink of eyes..totally agree with your thoughts of being the single part:) TQ for sharing oh...