Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Beside spending some time with my family, i managed to meet up my dear friends toO:)
Not to forget, these are the people who have impacted my life and stood beside me through thick and thin. It's always good to see familiar faces again, updating each other and laughing out loud when recalled the stupid things we did together...:)

first up, the chicken!! Had dinner at Resataurant TaipingLang, Puchong. And we urgent to Old town Cafe for tea:) Sorry for taking up your study time peeps...JiaYou k..The Seremban knights! Ush ush ush.....! a few more days and it will be OVER!

the group pic:)
the boys

the gurls:)

missing Ah Pei and Geoff! but tq Prof Wong for the surprise call all the way from Adelaide. Good to hear from you:)

my dearest OO, Joanne!!! Had a wonderful time with her at Nyonya Colours, MV! a nice Tuesday lunchie with u.Nyonya food was GOOD! TQ for bringing me there, dear. Rmb, SiaoKia loves you..

Wed was a gooOd day! Took Star-KTM to Klang!! a 3 hours journey...but for a good purpose:) WE FOUND Aunt Nellie!! Thank God for Michelle who managed to find out where she stays currently after moving out from the previous old folks home. If you guys rmb, Aunt Nellie is the woman with MS. Yup, visited her that very afternoon and surprised her. Brought her out for her favourite Pizza since her home serve mostly chinese food. It's really God's perfect plan how we contacted her, through a good friend of hers, who is also a goof friend of Michelle's mom! Only God will arrange such beautiful coincidence. ^_^

and Thu:: Kamal Bookstore visit:) another 1.5 hours Star lrt to Titiwangsa station and walk. Muakakkka...i am into walking mode. But not under the HOT Malaysia sun i know, hmm, wat to do, the fate of a noob driver:(

Hah! I went back Seremban just for the weekend, and my timing was good because Ly was there too!!Finally i met this gurl @ Seremban! Supposed to bring her berjalan-jalan in Jusco, but we ended up in a coffee shop and chit chat! and not to forget, our favourite pass-time::Groceries shopping! OF COZ when we spotted smth 'LOW FAT', we just have to pose with it..Typical us:P

Great seeing you again my dear...I really miss you la.

And just last Sat, took KTM from Seremban to Bangsar to meet my KB friends!!! Thong fetched me up from the train station and off we went to OneU! Been taking public transport ALOT.. train in Malaysia..a good help when i dont hv a car. only problem is that, it took way toO long..sigh. this journey...2 and half hours!

Mel+Anne+Angie:) JiMuiS 4eva!'s been awhile since we last met horr..Good seeing you all though it's just for a short while..sorry ar:(

and night time..dinner with LiJun@ Bangsar!! Banana leaf rice. Nyum:) Wah, we had endless things to talk and share. Guess we talked till 1230am!! and there are still round*_*
and Christine!! Thanks so much for coming all the way from Kota Kemuning to fetch me to church on Sun. Didnt know that you're not staying in Vista dy. U're one in a million! Save me from taking train to Subang..which took me 2 long hours to get there when by car is only 15mins! How i know? coz i took the train home that very Sunday after church..another KTM ride:P but still thank God for the existence of KTM, if not, i wont have any way to get home!
meet the TEENs from my church..these gurls have grown sOoo tall over one year! They're just 13/14 years old!! Aiyoooo...i felt so short now:(
Sun dinner with Stephie's family @ Sri Petaling.
Aunt and Uncle Wong: Thank you for inviting me for dinner the other day. I really enjoyed the dinner, the car ride and the warm welcome to your house. TQ TQ TQ!
p/s: How's the group pic? Nice....?? Though we tried so many times, but hooray, we got a good shot in the end! You all are so coOl and sporting:) Please forgive my 'take a pic' syndrome..but honestly aunt, i was quite shocked when you asked me 'where is my camera'...Hahhahah..
and finally...we went to Raintree Club for a drink:)
DaJe..glad to meet you lar..really misses u alot ALOT! I'm now based in Kelantan! The ulu place you might call..but to me it's the most cozy nice small town where i grew up. I love this place! And yup, met up with my childhood friends!
Shann, Syn, Kimmie and me! Missing Anne and Mel!! Hopefully all wil be back this weekend? *fingers crossed*!

and i went for my dental check up yesterday...
one conclusion made:: dentist causes pain. me dun like!
i almost wanted to jump out from my seat when he was scalling my teeth!
now i understand why children dont like to visit dentist. :'(
Ouchie ouch!!!
i will make sure my teeth are at good shape so i wont have to visit dentist again!
and if you asked me wat my greatest craving is after coming back?Definitely is RED BEAN pao. Almost everyday i have to eat smth with red bean! Be it bread or pao..Just last week when i was in Seremban, my dad brought me around Seremban, just to look for my pao. After 3 different stalls, i found it!! i was SOoooO happy..even the gurl who sold the pao to me was kinda weird why i was smiling so happily when she handed the pao to me! Haha...Angie being Angie and her Hong Dou Pao:P Thanks to the paoS, my face also become round round bak pao face loo..

wasSup Doc:
Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their labour. For if they fall, one will lift up his companion. But woe to him who is alone when he falls for he has no one to help him up. Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

thank God for F.R.I.E.N.D.S
Please forgive me for not spending much time with all of you during this summer break. It's just too short..but Angie does rmb and appreciate you!


*jeSSicA* said...

soooo u met up so many ppl!!

eh when's my appointment with u? place is at 320 kg cina okay? sleepover? =P

Ang3 said...

>Jessica: YES! 320 Kg Cina:) that will be ONE DAY....the perfect timing!

pei said...

wah! back to the land of foodiess..*thumps*

sigh..i would have called too if i knew about ur meeting..:<

CarynBear said...

i miss taipinglang.. =(
whens my turn??? roar