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If you have heard the song 'Cinderella' by Steven Curtis Chapman, you'll wanna be daddy's lil princess again. That's how i felt after hearing this song over Sabrina's blog. And i kept playing it whole day n night (till i think Ly also sien with me..mukakaka), imagining myself as the cinderella dancing with my daddy:) But little did i know the story behind this song of this man. A tragic lost of his youngest daughter, Maria Sue Chapman.
beautiful Family Portrait of the Chapmans..Maria is the gurl sitting on Steven's lap

Steven Curtis Chapman, a man after God's heart, world renown Christian songs writer with Grammies awards and a lovely father. He adopted 3 lovely Chinese gurls from China, lavished them with love and kisses, introducing God into their lives and becoming their all time Hero: the Dad of all wonders:) May 21st 2008, the day that turned his life upside down when his youngest adopted daughter, Maria died after being knocked down by his very own son. A mistake, a tragic accident that nobody would expect it to happen. God has taken Maria home, the place called here to read more about the Her story and the subsequent work the Chapman Family has been doing to help the orphans in China, building Maria's Big HOUSE of H.O.P.E. Very touching indeed:'(

Maria's Big House of HOPE at Luoyang, China, the place she was born.

This is BIG HOUSE has 6 floors, catering for orphans from age 5 years and younger. There will be an operation theatre there as well, for special referrals from all over China! Their big heart to show HOPE to the neediest of all, just like how Jesus came to this earth to bring us HOPE:)

there is a story behind this building as well. It's written in the official website, how Maria accepted Christ into her life at the age of 4, after asking her mum about God's big house in heaven^_^

Maria(Left) and Stevey cute right!

Why did God let this happened? It remains a mystery...the incident happened 10 days after Maria's 5th birthday, hours b4 the eldest daughter's engagement party, and the son's graduation party.. Celebrations waiting ahead for the Chapmans but nope, they had to mourn for this lil soul instead..... Sometimes, i wonder, the story bout Job does exist on this earth, when God takes away the precious thing of yours, you still need to stand firm, and believe it's for a better and continue trusting Him.

At times as such, we just have to cling on to the Lord and know that He is the sovereign Lord who reigns forever.

The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord--Job

Shall we indeed accept good from God, and shall not accept adversity? Job2:10

Something to ponder..

Steven and lil Maria *heart warming*

Daddy and his princesses:)

( All photos courtesy of

Just thought of sharing this song with you guys:) enjoy....

food for thought: Do spend more time with your parents, coz time past really fast and in a split of a second, the 'cinderella will be gone....'

(Photo taken during my convo last year^_^)

time really flies...

wasSup Doc: daddy n mummy, wait for your dearest cinderella's return k, i'll spend LOADS of time with you:) we shall go rock and roll..Cant wait to see you:)

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Angie, thanks for sharing this story. It really struck a cord.