Monday, July 06, 2009

Never ending packings...

yeap...the last whole week was just about Packing packing and PACKING!
as i have mentioned last week, i have shifted to another flat which i will only stay for 2 weeks before i head home..before i even settled at this new place, i NEED to pack all the stuff i shifted into boxes and sealed them nicely to STORE it over the summer! be honest with you, after dinner every night, you could see Lily and me, both of us were always busy packing! Even our flatmate was wondering how come we're sOSO busy, esp trying to fit all the boxes we had in our room and also the corridor..Ooops, it's not US, it's ME only:( i have SOOOO much things man...13 boxes PLUS a huge luggage! WAT i have? Dun ask me..i myself dun know why so MUCH! from files, foodstuff, books, clothes and much more..I DIDNT BUY/'s inherited from my dear sis b4 she left UK! which is a good thing for me actually, coz i need not buy when i first arrived:) Cut the long story short..a week of SOLID packing!

Thanks to Kee Fong! Wahh...this brothaa of ours is our HERO! He has been our great help in shifting..since the day we arrived, till the very end day we're leaving!Thank God for him! if not we gurls will be GG-fied! So, we rented a car, and he drove all our(Steph, Ly and mine) stuff to his place in the city, in a few trips:) Luckily Min and him offered their place, if not, we'll have to pay a bomb for storage if we were to put in private storage company! Thank you guys for offering your place:)

Since we had the car for the whole day, we decided to have our final 'family' dinner at this traditional Chef and Brewer English pub called 'The Didsbury'. We've always wanted to eat here because of the good reviews, but it's kinda far from the place we stay...finally we have this opportunity to try some traditional GOOD English pub food:) just b4 we go back:P
see the deco above..pots n kettle:) very antique!
us @ The Didsbury
Starter: Seafood platter with smoked salmon, prawns, whitebait and marinated sardines:)
our traditional sirloin steak with mixed grill vege!
reasonable price for such a portion. The steak was SUPERB! Soft and tender:) Nyum..

KF and his grilled red mullet Nicoise(sea bass)!
Looks good ya!

and we surprised Ly for her pre-22nd birthday!
cause we wont be in Manchester anymore when this lil sis of us turns 22. So yeap, hope this small surprise did SURPRISED you! The cake was a rich choc fudge with low fat ice-cream:) *THUMBS UP...very nice oh..melt*

another dessert we had was this traditional baked vanilla cheesecake served with Channel Island cream..AWESOME! not very rich in cheese, just nice and sweet^_^

now you know why our diet plan never succeed coz we're fed with so much good stuff:P

Happy Biggie Day our dearest:) Welcome to the 22 club! We're all now 22 y.o!


Few highlights for my last week...i baked BREAD! such a bread lover and it's my first time baking bread...not because am too free, it's because i had leftover flour, and instead of throwing all away, i used them to make bread lo:)
Before it's put into the oven
See how big they 'kembang!'

it's such a failure actually..looks nice hor(please agree with me:P) but it doesn't taste's hard..muakaka, but we DID try to finish some of them! cannot waste my effort kan:)
anyway, think i would just buy bread lar har:) Fast n Easy!

Next up, i made some bento lunch sets..for Lily and myself!
super HAPPY making them, can deco here n there:)
if only i have more things to add on my bento!

the 'smiley gurl' instant noodle, with tomatoes, peas, mushrooms:)

Eggie sandwich with tomatoes and peas n strawberry!

very simple lunchie to go...I am so INTO making bento!!*Whee*

wokay dokes
packing not over yet..
now it's time to pack our luggage home!
something very challenging coz the weight for our luggage is very limited! ESP Manchester Airport...wah...i could still remember vividly last 2 years when i flew back from Manchester, i had to throw my leather handbag away into the dustbin in the airport coz i was only allowed to bring one hand luggage! *HEART pain kao kao* so i better make sure i abide to the law this time!

in the midst of this, we still hv attachments and report to finish before declaring 'FREE'!


#wish me luck#

that's about it for now..
1 more week in Manchester and i'll be home~
wait for my grand return!
Angie is coming...

wasSup Doc: For the Christians, heaven is spelled H-O-M-E!

Cant wait to be home^_^


ly said...

I am actually amazed that each of you did take notice of my nick :) Thank you for the beautiful and well planned surprise.

Ang3 said...

>ly: OF COZ! We're very sensitive kay:P!!! esp it's our dearly lil sis'! Glad you loved it! a small n simple surprise to make ur gurl:)

*jeSSicA* said...

ur hair is as long as mine!

Ang3 said...

>Jessica: hair very very long n untidy and...U.G.L.Y! gonna CUT it once i arrived M'sia:)