Wednesday, July 15, 2009

b4 coming H.O.M.E

Friday...last day of my GP posting:) it's results day as well! OSCE results...PASSED. am done with year 3. am just 2 points away to pass with Honours. So near yet so far...of coz i felt so 'AHHH' that time, but i know God has blessed me MORE than i could ask for. There must be a reason for this, *humble*...I've tried my best, God has given me the Best, and that's enough. TQ!
one thing for sure, ALL of us will be going home with a big Smile, and enjoy our summer hols, till we come back again for 4th year:P
Dr Maclean and me!

3 of us:) Final day b4 Ly heads home!

Just as Steph always said, the higher power has put 3 of us together for a reason and we're grateful for that!
Had our final dinner together at Fu's..reason of choosing this restaurant?
THEY GIVE us FREE complimentary 'jindui' as dessert! Ly's FAV! Rmb to ASK for it if they dun give..Muka tembok sikit k!
Ly, the 1st to cabut home..see the 'beaming with joy' face:)
we woke up at 4am to send this lil gurl home
The final 2..Stephie n Mua
We were so bored that night, so we decided to make smth..PANCAKES!
with my leftover wholemeal flour..:)
turned out quite nice tho!
Ly, u missed out the craze!

Steph+Ly(she loves PRUNES)+Angie

our Pancakes! Smiley's is mine! With nutella and peanut butter jam!
woke up 4am again to send Steph off! Singapore airlines ar..why so EARLY one:P
the 4 luggage i had to bring home! nobody to send me to i brought these to airport by bus ALL BY MYSELF!:P
strong gurl i am!
Angie going HOMEbut i've got a 'kaki' to fly home with me:) Ngie Chang! Seafood meal i always brag about! SUPER good!
Starter: Smoked salmon
Main dinner: Cod fish and salmon fillet
Dessert: Strawberry cheesecake

Starter was salmon+prawns+crab

Main lunch: Rice with fish fillet and shrimps

Dessert:Choc cake

I transited at Dubai airport for 3 hours! and the new Terminal is HUGE! PLUS a shopping eventho the passengers had to transit there for a few hours, i think they won't be bored, coz they can spend so much time shopping or window shop!!! Guess what i saw there??

Hand sanitizer..EVERYWHERE in the airport! Encouraging hand wash huh..just like in the hospital:)

the shopping paradise:)

as i walked n walked, trying to find myself a cool comfy seat, i spotted JIAYU!! the world is so small:)
so that's my journey home:)
and now am 'quarantined' for a WEEK @ Genting!
cant say quarantine also la, got a possible bug carrier staying under one roof as i am

Surprise of the YEAR

MY YOUNGER BRO came back from US!!!!YEA, this handsome boy surprised ALL of my family members.
He DIDNT tell anyone of us that he's coming home
so he bought his tickets himself and off he left.
mum couldnt get him on his birthday, thinking that he might be travelling in US, lil did she knows that this boy of hers boarded the flight the day b4 his birthday!
arrived KL, dragged his 60Kgs luggage and appeared infront of vista!
gave my elder bro n sis a SHOCKED.
then bro drove him up Genting to meet my parents who were having hols..
mum n dad almost got HEART ATTACK when they saw his sudden appearance!
and me, he sneaked out from nowhere when my mum picked me up in the airport..
being Angie..I SHOUTED LIKE A CRAZY WOMAN in the airport!
to see him during my summer break is my biggest dream!

and now it came true:)
*this boy lied to me that he is not coming back just a few days b4 i came home*
Starbucks..only place to connect to the outside world:P

the H1N1 carrier is with me now:P
and i'm loving it!

wasSup Doc: H.O.M.E is where i belong!


*jeSSicA* said...

when i first saw the title i was like why 'before coming home' because i thought u would have put sth like 'home' sth sth...

the seafood meal looks great!

so dramatic la ur bro went back without telling anyone! haha such good surprise =)

G-Wong said...

What's the pancake next to your Smiley one meant to be? =P

Ang3 said...

>Jess: Hah..will update more later k:) and..YES that's a GREAT surprise! very well planned indeed:)

>Geoff: Those are Lily's leftover prunes..since she left us earlier, we decided to put those on our plates...represent her la:P

Ching Li said...

hey angie, congrats on passing! and almost to honours!:) happy for u!
and why dont i have seafood meal? why mine not nice geh? Emirates rite??? :(

and ur bro is so sweeet...! i wanna cry d.. plus ur background music somemore.

havent seen u for ages! :)
tak datang liverpool one!

Ang3 said...

>ChingLi: hey gurl..congrats for passing too:) now we can enjoy our hols to the max!

U have to change ur preferred meal to seafood meal..u can do it online at the Emirates official far, all the seafood meals i got are AWESOME.u shud give a try, i've been boasting about it..muakkaka:)

we wanted to visit Liverpool b4 we came back last June, but u guys left home dy! sigh..dunno when we'll get to go, plus u guys are no longer based in Liverpool,right:( we shall see day one day.hope u're having loads of fun back home oh^_^

~*eley *~ said...

ah, finally malaysian food! :) it's alwiz good to be together with one whole family again. i'm in seremban yet i miss them everyday.

Ang3 said...

>Eley: yea, spending most of my hols with them:) will be missing them loads after i go back UK! :)
hey gurl, all the best in upcoming exams:)