Wednesday, May 27, 2009


the WORD for the past week was..F.E.A.R
fear of finals OSCE.
fear of disappointments
fear of making the correct decision
fear of giving advise
fear of ..... everything under this hot SUN.

sometimes it might be just self-induced stress
but i guess it's being Angelene.
anyway, past week was kinda stressor..
knowing finals in few weeks time, preparing that itself is scary.
to be able to talk fluently with substance
to be able to perform clinical skills impressively
to be able to explain some disease/procedure in a super simple layman term
to be able to counteract ethical issues
to be able to be a competent medical student..
all sum up to F.E.A.R of failures:(

thank you for all out there keeping me in prayers n encouraging me throughout this period
i'm alert, conscious and communicative.
Alive and well. Dun worry. It's just another exams along my road that induce my fear factor.

the reward for this week was...PAOs:) Ly and I ordered lotus pao, custard pao, char siew pao and the new discovered yummilicous polo custard bun(and the shop only sell it on Sunday!)! soft and sweet..lucky us:)

We've always wanted to try this take-away home-cooked Korean Bulgogi near our place. Went there last Sat to get one packet each. And it was so nyum nyum for a reasonable price:)

and Stephie, our 'Jamie Oliver' offered to make beef burgers for us yesterday. FROM scratch kay..she is really good la!

b4 grilling the patties: minced beef+cereal crunch+spices and MOULD them into shape!

hard work oh...can u see the HEART shape patty? So cute right?!

tadaa...the end product, top up with Lingam sweet chilli sauce...slurpie^_^

as promised mummy, my standard lunch. Sandwiches with tuna plus miso soup with long beans n lettuce...sometimes i wonder..eating too many portions of fruits and vege will bring harm or not ar? Think nowadays we can eat more than 10 portions a day!

oh well..that's about it for this week.

short and sweet

just for my dear papa n mama

missing you both LOADS!

::thankies for being so supportive in every ways::

wasSup Doc:

ME..overcoming all these F.E.A.R with joy!

By God's grace, i CAN!


Kev said...

you'll do great ....

u always manage to beat my butt at exams! this one wouldn't be any different right?!

Ang3 said...

>Kev: beat your butt? sounds wrong:P oh well...hopefully it will be fine:) thankies kev!

*jeSSicA* said...

wanna try some mindfulness technique to relieve ur stress?? =P

Ang3 said...

>Jess: like wat ar my dear? suggestions?

*jeSSicA* said...

at monash we learn how to do some 'breathing exercise' which is a kind of 'mindfulness training exercise'. we do that during our health enhancement tutorials, where we're required to close our eyes, be in a comfortable position (eg sitting) and focus on our breathing, but all this requires listening to the instructions of our tutor.

another similar 'mindfulness training' i learnt in 1st year is a 10-minute yoga called yoga nidra. best done in lying position (u can lie on the floor or in bed). it also requires u to listen to instructions, but good thing is, u can download the instructions (mp3 format) from

it's not anything spiritual (if u are thinking it might be), it's just a simple 10-minute relaxation exercise that helps to improve ur psychological/mental i guess helps in stress somehow =)

try it out, and tell me if it helps =) (that's the best part of yoga i learnt in 1st year wahahaha)