Tuesday, June 02, 2009

it's bOiLinG:)

Yup, that's our FAVOURITE phrase now...IT'S BOILING!

Weather in Manchester has been goOoooD..SUNNY! around 20 degree Celsius averagely..

Oh yea, Summer is here..whee!
Shades checked!
Sunblock lotion checked!
Short pants checked!
Short sleeves shirt checked!
It's Boiling!!!

(guess Malaysia is so much warmer than it is here:P)

Everybody loves the SUN, picnic-ing in the park, lying on the green green grass of hope:P
but not for us of coz, exams up next week and...we just got to stay in our 'boiling' room and study:):):)!

BUT we still find some time to chilL of coz...All works and no play makes Jack a dull boy right?!
so, we're not gonna be DULL..happening peeps on the run..

Friday was 'THE' day, for our brother Kee Fong to welcome us to his newly built, hotel-like apartment! Spacious big apartment with nice scenery:) PLUS comfy nice sofa...awww!Pictures to feast your eyes! Our dearest host..with his smart outfit after work:P And bought us so much FooD!

Before heading to his place, a swarm of cyclistS roamed in the town with their sunny outfit:) We loves..SUMMER!

the variety of food we prepared for our steamboat feast!

cant wait..to ATTACK! all the smiley faces!

Thankies KF!

Ly, Steph, Angie! (foOd lovErs!)

the apartment came with such a modern round sofa! looks like i'm in studio

and also the comfy sofa and pillows!

and our dessert was exotic fruits:P Mango, HoneyDew and HUGE banana!!

we were BLOATED after the meal....

didnt manage to finish all the food of coz!

but we sure had a good time chilling at his new home:)


finally, Happy Birthday to my dear princess Teo:)

irresistable beauty queen

best wishes and love <3

wasSup Doc:
F.A.I.T.H does not question why when all His ways are hard to understand,

but trusts and prays.


CarynBear said...

angel and lily's hair long dy.. =)

Ang3 said...

> Carynbear: yea...very long dy and need cutting larr. very untidy :(

*jeSSicA* said...

those 2 pics with u and the rice cooker seemed like u would be 'kiap-ed' by it..wahaha

Ang3 said...

>jessica:Muakkaka...yea, it looked like it:)