Wednesday, May 20, 2009 back*_* back:)
sorry for a little delayed update^_^ was busy preparing for Summer Progress test..Hmmm..

Let's see..what were the happenings last week... PBL group-field trip:P Yup, Dr Bannister, our firm lead was supposed to give us a teaching last Tuesday afternoon. When he came into the room, we thought he had prepared some work for us to do in the ward, but to our surprise he told us there was some sewage leakage in the ward, so we're not allowed to go in..Nvm, so maybe he was gonna to teach us in the usual meeting room then....Who knows, his subsequent suggestion surprised us!
'I'll let you choose...would you like to have an ice-cream or a cup of hot coffee?'
All of us...JAW DROPPED! We're going on a 'yum-cha' session on a Tuesday Teaching session..
Happy Jolly us...picked up our bags and...went to the Whitworth Art Gallery which is just opposite our hospital and had our hot cup of cappuccino under the scorching sun+Chit-chatting. Who said medics dun hv field trip..there you go..our field trip it is..a visit to the Art Gallery and admire the 80s paintings:P
Dr Bannister and the students:P
Doctors are not nerd all the time kay. ..we know how to admire paintings:P(not me laa, obviously)
Apparently Dr Bannister knows the paintings there inside out as he was explaining those paintings to us...we're just amazed! us, busy taking pics when our fellow mates enjoying themselves with those arts!
Random i must say...anybody out there has the similar experience? Do share with me...I still feel it's funny to visit ART GALLERY when we're supposed to have clinical teaching session:P

Dinner with Shah @ RiceThis time around, we decided to try a new Halal restaurant near our place, called RICE. Very nice ambience with quite good Asian food. PLUS, since it's newly open, they had a 20% students discount:)Lily's vermicelli with Japaneses teppanyaki chicken. Quite a reasonable portion:)
Shah's stir fried lamb with vege+rice
and my Korean bulgogi beef+egg fried rice.*_*
after dinner, we decided to go for our first ever ICE CREAM adventure @ Rush-A-way
Ferraro Roche Ice-cream on a cone..AWESOME! it's a must to try this flavour because no other shops offer this unique flavour. If u're a FR lover, u'll fall for this instantly with it's rich chocs!
from her expression, you could imagine how good this is:)
Mua and my FR, yummy ice-cream!Awww...

This week, we tried smth new for 'eat-in' dinner night:)
we had wanton fresh egg noodle with five-taste-mix chicken and omelet. Nyum..because it's been quite some time we never eat wanton noodle:) Miss those wanton noodle with char siew back home:(

Progress Test was yesterday...and it was really tough:( with loads of Obs n gynea and opthalmo stuff, which we haven't been taught. Just hope everything will turn out well:)
So after our exams, we went Red Chili for dinner as a mini celebration post exams..
Min, Siti, KF, Ly, mE and Steph:)
clockwise: Assorted meat with seafood, Braised fish, Kangkung belacan, 8 Treasure taufu. And since we're in Red Chili, the Sze Chuan lamb is always a must to order:)
and all of us had a super satisfying dinner.

2 more weeks, to my finals OSCE.
wish me 'all the best'
16 stations, 3 hours long.
i need.

wasSup Doc:
Fierce drives the storm, but wind and waves
within His hand are held,
And trusting His omnipotence
my fears are sweetly quelled.
in Him, i find peace


*jeSSicA* said...

haha funny la go art gallery!! wat a good idea to skip clinical teaching =P

jia you dear!

Ang3 said...

>Jess: thankies dear:)

Joanne Lee said...

my confidence is in Him too! :) when we are weak, we are strong! :)

love lots :)

Ang3 said...

>Joanne: love ya too my dear..stay strong and put Your trust in Him k..hugs..