Monday, May 11, 2009

Give thanks:)

This week can be graded as GREAT:)
it's a time of thanksgiving for me..

i give thanks for my current consultant whom i'm attached to
for his ever patience to teach us without realising the whole team was waiting for his decision.
for his chilling-ness, inviting us(SHO,FY1,Medical students) to have a cup of tea,
at the park next to the ward, chit-chatting under the hot sun,
eventhough he hasn't completed his ward rounds.
(p/s: tho the HOT sun is high up, Lily n I were still freezing coz it's so windy..and us just cant stand it. But for the's boiling all the time:P)

i give thanks for the 2 days of diarrhea i had
rushing in and out the washroom >15 times
not knowing what i ate wrongly
but He still sustain me, and spared me
i wasn't dehydrated or exhausted..still up and about:)

i give thanks for the ONE and ONLY SUNNY Thursday
when other days throughout the week was rainy and windy
because the heat has warmed me up a bit
and SF on that day was good
as Sheila, our church missionary reminded us about the promise God has told us
i.e: He will be with us always, willing to listen and guide

i give thanks for all the food on my table
even though it's just a thin slice of turkey ham plus a bun
2 pieces of bread with honey
or a creamy piece of fish which i dun really fancy
i shall still eat it with a smile because it is the Lord who has provided this meal for me
i shall not complain but be contented.

i give thanks for supportive friends
who are always there to spur you on
through sms, emails, phone calls, facebook or msn
sending me their warm wishes and encouragements
or even a prayer through a phone call, sharing each other's lives though we're miles apart
has always been a great blessing

i give thanks for exams
though it's just one week away for progress test
and so much more to cover and memorise
i shall not fear but to prepare myself and trust God
for i know that surrendering my exams to Him is an act of obedience
it's by Faith I am walking this journey
to sail through Med school is a definite NONO if it was by my own strength
Saturday night dinner @ Taiwu
with Keefong, Christina, Lily and Steph
Spicy and sour steamed fish
Pork chop in cantonese style
Japanese Toufu with Mushroom
Salted egg taufu


Sunday night steamboat at my place
with Lily and Steph! Cabbage, mushroom, dumplings and Tomyam soup!
Simple..but nice:) glass noodle*_*

I give thanks for weekends
for it's the only time we could have proper Chinese dishes for dinner
and the time i dont feel guilty eating a bit extra
or reward myself with a piece of chocolate or blueberry muffin as dessert
for it's a 2 days OFF from strict diet of vege, brown bread and fruits..

i give thanks for my perfect Mum
who is always understanding
loving, kind and patient in character
wanting to give me the best
and will shout 'jia you jia you' through the phone to cheer her princess up
one in a billion she is
i love u!
Happy MOTHER's Day

wasSup Doc:
i give thanks for an extraordinary God/Father/Friend i have
for He knows my everything
inside out
past and future
joy and pain
and only He could turn all my burdens into blessings
that's why i have a reason to
give thanks!


ivyyy! said...

(: today was my give thanks day too. jiayou for your exam. go go dear.

*jeSSicA* said...

first time i see people give thanks for having diarrhoea. haha =P

take care girl, and jia you for exams!

Ang3 said...

>ivyyy!: Go go go to you too:)

>jess: give thanks for not being SICK:P yea..will do my best for exams...Yay!