Monday, November 24, 2008

my week*_*

It's been a fulfilling and fruitful week i guess:) Started Gastro ward last Monday, and as expected, it's not as organised as my previous Urology ward. So we're kinda free to do anything we want. Just hope that in the coming 6 weeks attachment there, i'll gain smth out of it. I know i need to take my own initiative.. Oh, but glad that i met this FY1 doctor when i randomly went in the ward, with the intention to clerk some patients:) but in the end, she allowed me to tag along during her ward rounds, she taught me quite a bit:) Yay!! She is so nice, and said i can bleep her anytime if i need any of her help. Really DESPERATELY want to do venepuncture on real patients! Hope the opportunities will knock on my door ASAP! oh Lord..SOS!

Since we have no more GP day*sob sob* We're supposed to sign up for some attachments. And so, we went for this Diabetes small group teaching session in Rusholme. Kinda educational i must say, esp when the fascilitator asked us to read those nutrition information on the food packet she provided us..cornflakes, baked beans, smoothie, juices, crisps, chocs, rice, milk, sweets and many more..gosh we were so freaked out by the calories in those food! and we're only allowed 2000kcal per day! Plus salt and sugar intake.....*jaw opened super WIDE* It's good to know..but but the impact of this session was HORRIBLE! we now count kcal for every single food we eat, even when we go for groceries shopping, the first thing we do is to check how much kcal is in that particular food. Scary~~~ NO more potatoes, NO more dessert after dinner...5 fruits and vege a day principle:)

Studies aside..Weekends:)
Jing Han, came down from Leeds to visit m3!! not me lar, it's Manchester:P Anyway, glad that we got to catch up a bit though it's just a day trip organised by their Malaysian Society. We had lunch together at China Town..chinese food of course:) Angie* Jing Han
Fellow Malaysians from Leeds..I am the worst tour guide ever! it's my 3rd month here in Manchester and i still dunno my way around! Paise betul..So sorry guys...:(

Saturday night it's an Orchestra night!
Yup, was invited by Louiseanne(my hall mate) to attend this Wind Orchestra. Asking us to go support her since it's her very first concert. Since we have nothing to do, we decided to give it a try. It was my first ever orchestra concert too..and i must say..I LOVE IT! It's so exciting....Didnt know i will enjoy myself so much..and the ticket is just 3 pounds for student price! Very worth it for 6 pieces of songs from 730pm to 10 pm!
my tickets:) the cheapest of all range!
the 3 musketeers with our tickets:)The whole orchestra, students from the Music faculty of Manchester Uni:)
Then after the 1st intermission, they brought in the GRAND PIANO..AWESOME!
Louiseanne, from Hong Kong. She is just 18 years old this year, and guess wat, she is the ONLY Asian(Chinese!) in the whole orchestra..Proud of her, right:)
Smile:) with her clarinet! Superb performance dear!
We're sitting at the 3rd row from the front. Very near to the stage! That's why we had a super clear view but most importantly, the music was good. Somehow i felt, i had adrenaline rush in some of those pieces, it's like u're in a war zone..then after a while, it's like the happy song, birds chirping, peaceful and harmony, with little waves splashing here and there...aww..I'm loving orchestra music:)
Church sermon today was about 'Consequences of sin', from the text 2 Samuel 11:1-5; 12:11-12, which is about King David having an affair with Bathsheba who is married. The speaker emphasized so much about men's MIDLIFE CRISIS, when men reached their 30+, they will wanna look for more exciting stuff, family issues are too burdening for them. They just want to get out of all those responsibilities and find something new, most of them will fall into temptations like King David, and get involved in another relationship, leaving behind their beloved family...It's evidently proven but I HATE THIS and God hate this too, in His commandment, it was written clearly: YOU SHALL NOT COMMIT ADULTERY! Sigh..The speaker ended the sermon by advising the men in the church, love your family:) STAY AT HOME! that's are unreliable:P *think my fellow male frenS will KILL me now*
ok ok...SOME men are unreliable...
oh wells, had lunch at curry mile with some student fellowship frens:) After much postponements, we finally managed to have a proper makan session.
from Left: Noel(Malaysian), Julian(Singaporean), Lily, Lisa(Hong Kong),Angie, Cheah(Malaysian) and Leonard(Singaporean)
Being the typical Malaysians and Singaporeans, we talked and talked and talked after we finished our meal, coz we're so use to our mamak outings. Then we realised the waiters were staring at us, signalling us 'it's time to go'. muakakakak....
as for dinner,
us the 'family'(Lily, Steph, Kee Fong & me) managed to find another Chinese restaurant in China Town.
Had a sumptuous dinner:)
and cant even move after our meal...but the food was really yummilicious!
erm..maybe 4/5 stars!
Shredded sweet and sour pork with fungus
Lamb cooked in Szechuan style(highly recommended)
Braised fish..3 fishes for only 7.50 pounds!
so called '8 treasure' taufu with vege!
And..tadaAaa..we finished EVERYTHING!
cravings for Chinese food...SATISFIED:)
another week of western food is just about to begin
loving Monday again!
NOT the food of course
but for other reason.
wasSup Doc: Monday is always blue+fatigue+down..but bring on the SUNshine...yihaA!!


Ly said...

I know what you mean about Monday :( But I am amazed by your optimism. Keep it up sister :)

Ang3 said...

>Ly: eh my dearest twin sista, u cant run away too..muakkaa, me gonna drag u along! :P so cheer up!

*jeSSicA* said...

haha my first time listening to orchestra was here too at monash =)

玲智你越来越漂亮了哦!=) (hope this wash away Monday blues!)

Ang3 said...

>Jessica: Muakakka, the sentence indeed wash away my monday blues..THANK YOU dear.Muacks!

G-Wong said...

Ooops... posted my comment on the wrong post... so i am just gonna paste it again here k... =P

Yes... I am finally back to leave my comment...

Hey Angie!!

From this and previous posts, you seem to be eating well in Manchester... Haha...

I try to count calories but I always lose count before the end of the day... Probably a form of denial... Lol...

I've got some exciting news... Will mail you soon...

Take care... =)

Ang3 said...

>G-Wong: FASTER mail me....i wanna know the exciting news ASAP:P we always eat kinda proper dinner during the weekends:) but it also means,we'll overeat:P anyway, i also lost count my calories by the end of the day..sigh!