Saturday, November 15, 2008

my GP + my firm

Thank you guys for the prayers, messages, and phone calls..Angie feels much better now.
As some of you might know, Angie became real ill last Sunday. High fever, chills, super duper cough, headache, chest pain, shortness of breath, muscle weakness and fatigue:P in short, NIGHTMARES. It's the very first time, i felt so ill, esp in this foreign land, emotional sick as well. Dragged my feet to hospital on Monday morning, but was not in good condition at all, almost fainted! Went home and skipped class, just hide under my comfy duvet and sleep. 2nd morning, couldn't get out from bed, too tired and weak..... Lily made an appointment for me to see a dr, and was told to have secondary bacterial infection, given amoxicillin. Thought wil be fine, who knows, i'm allergy to amoxicillin! Rashes started to appear on my face and both my eyes swollen like pandas...Grrrrrhhh....but thank God, all are fine now after changing my antibiotics:) and most importantly, i felt so much better on Wednesday and could go for my last GP posting at Urmston!! Woohoo....i always look forward to go there, coz my GP, Dr Maclean teaches me ALOT. I wont wanna miss my last day, right?!

If u guys were following my blog, Urmston is the place with lots of sunshine and green field:) My GP posting here is 7 weeks long. Basically, every Wednesday is our so called GP day. I'll have to take a 1 and half hour bus ride there. Dr Maclean is the doctor i was allocated to. Why i enjoy myself so much there? 1stly, i got to have a 1 to 1 ratio learning environment. 2ndly, Dr Maclean always involved me in his consultations. B4 every patient comes in, he will summarise the background of that particular patient to me. And during the consultations, he will ask me some questions regarding the disease, then explain to me more. If he found any findings throughout his physical examinations, he will pull my hands over and let me feel the findings. eg a lump on breast, heamatoma and wat not. He also allows me to take patients' BP and give flu vaccine's real cool cause in hospital setting, we're seldom given opportunity like this. There was once, he needs to certify a dead patient.We went to the mortuary together to look for the body, felt for her pulse to make sure she is DEAD eventhough she is already in the fridge:P He even took the time to explain to me about the death certificate procedure in UK, which is super complicated:) but anyhow, i did learn smth new coz i thought to certify a dead patient is as easy as ABC, but little did i know there are so many procedures need to be done, so many doctors need to be seen before certifying that death certificate.
And after seeing all the patients in the clinic, he would bring me for home visits, whereby the patients are usually too ill to come to the clinic themselves. So in the car, he will start telling me what cases we're gonna see later in the house, background of that family and all. Every time b4 i leave, he sure will give me homework, some particular topics we saw in his clinic and ask me to read up:) very organised type of person, that's y i like him!

but, beside him being so serious....HE IS A REAL JOKER!!!! He has patiently explained to me some Manchester English jokes and he has taught me BIG DEEP English words like misogynist which means a man who hates all women! because he admitted he is one, except that he loves his wife! I dunno why he hates women...but luckily he dun hates me:P(tell u how i know later:) Another thing is...HE CANT STOP SWEARING, esp the f*** word...gosh, maybe he is too stress, but even he sees some women drivers who cant park their car properly, he starts cursing..and i will go..'Dr Maclean~!!!' and he will apologize..muakkakaka. but he did admit, he has this Tourette syndrome, smth he taught me too, which is a brain disorder causing ppl to swear uncontrollably. Yup, farny syndrome he has:P That's Dr Maclean:) but he has a super big memory space in his brain! He remembers his patients, esp the background, who passed away recently, wat are their occupations( from the father to mother to each and every children), who is related to who, bla bla bla...i was really amazed by the fact the he remembered my name AND SURNAME on my 2nd visit, and i just told him once when i first met him( which was a week ago). Coz on my 2nd visit, he asked me some questions which i couldnt answer, so i said:"Dr Maclean!! PLEASE HELP ME..i dunno the answer." then he replied:" Noooo Dr Teo, u must help me...i myself dunno the answer too..." He was basically pulling my legs there and time in his clinic i must say:)
Dr Maclean..he does look like a Santa yea:)
Managed to snap this in his car just b4 he rushed off for a meeting!

and on my last day there, he was asked to evaluate my performance there... and in the professionalism domain, in the column 'how could the student improve on', see wat he wrote..NONE- if only every student was as good as Angelene....when i read it, i was laughing my head off!! i am sure the person who receive this form will too, coz where got a GP write such comment one. Hilarious...Hahahhahahhahhaha...he has yet to meet smarter people. Angelene is nothing compared to them...

oh wells, that is Dr dearest GP=)

gonna miss waking up early on Wednesday morning, walking through that green valley to Urmston, being attached to Dr Maclean and learn from him!


today was also my last day in Urology firm after 7 weeks here. Gonna move to Gastro ward next week:(

Urology is well-known for being one of the best firm in MRI, with friendly consultants, organised scheduled and tonnes of work for us, students to do, and i LOVE it... sigh, just hope for the best in my next firm, gastro:)

Bid Urology goodbye:'(

PBL group 6 with firm lead, Mr Richard Napier-HemyWe're being attacked on our 2nd shot:P~Peace~

Angie's request:) He looks so young right, but he is already a consultant in MRI, pro in dealing with kidney stones. And he always tell us to pursue watever dream we want in life, coz we only live once. Appreciate!

wasSup Doc: 7 weeks passed..and life as a medical student moves on:) till then!


pei said...

OOooo.....get well soon!! or get even better soon..:>

congrats dear, you're one step of being a great doctor!!

and crap i think i have ur doctor's disease...the swearing one...kakaka

khairul said...

waaaaaa... i like this post... i like that dr too... farny hahaha yeah pei.. i think so too... now u have license to roam with ur mouth hahaha... they shud rename the disease... after pei lol
hope u r ok now angie.. but keep the panda eyes hahahaha ke ai lol....

Ang3 said...

>Pei: yup, getting better each day, just the cough is annoying!! anyway, my dr's swearing power, no fight lar..too much man..

>khairul: keep my panda eyes? U-G-L-Y!:P

*jeSSicA* said...

yala my goodness ur cough! i din count how many times u coughed when i talked to u that day but i know it's annoying for u >.<

ur symptoms seem like respi + CVS symptoms to me @.@ get well soon okay ♥

none to improve on professionalism? u are too good already, dr teo...teach me! =P

IntrudeNotInMyPrivateSpace said...

Angie!!! :) :) :)

Glad to hear yr much better...take care of yrself k dear :)

just got results yesterday, i passed :) :) :) Praise God

thank you for always supporting me!!! :) :):) :)

*bear hugs*

Ang3 said...

>Jessica: i still hv lots to learn lar my dear:) sorry to cough so much when u called..muakkaka, un-controllable:P

>Joanne: Congratulations!! Yay, u've finally pass the killer Sem 2 EOS:) hav fun holiday-ing kay..and big hugs back!

Bethany Wang said...
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