Thursday, May 01, 2008

BlessingS from heaven:)

waking up early is never easy..but not when u have 10 FREE McD sausage muffins coupons to claim WITHOUT buying's FOC! Since today is the LAST day to claim these Macmuffins, we decided to fly down to the nearest McD at 7.15am so that we could be back on time for lecture at 8am..amazingly, we managed to wake up! Being kiasu i supposed:) the Gang is supposed to conquer McD together-gether but all FFK me that very morning EXCEPT JenLye and Jeremy + Aaron..the unexpected trio! Woohoo...FREE Breakfast:)


my banyak MacMuffins.....*Grin*

the HAPPENing peeps:)-Jeremy*Angie*JenLye*Aaron!

Thank God for the BREAD:)


Last weekend was a miserable one..

Bro went to Penang,

Dad went to Sabah and

left Angie-HOME ALONE..

Though it's a good time to catch up with studies, but the feeling of being home alone was bad!

it's weekend some more, which means u wont see any of ur frens

It's like u're disconnected from the world and u're living in ur own planet:(

BUT BUT BUT not till Sunday night when i received a msg from Hui Ying.

"Hey gurl, where is your apartment? Can come down for a while?"

I'm kinda surprised though, coz we never meet so late at night and she is staying in Vista C whereas i'm in Vista B.i went down and guess what, this gurl gave me 3 lovely MUFFINS! She baked them in Seremban b4 she came back. Once she arrived KL, she took the trouble to send to my place! How sweet she is ya:) Her unexpected gift has changed my day upside down:) Thank U gurl:)

Thank God for a sweet and loving friend:)

Hui Ying, the BEST wife one could ever hope or dream of.She is smart, can cook, can bake, can draw, can dance,good personality, a fashionista! but too bad, she's TAKEN:) the BF must be the Luckiest man on earth! Aww, love her to the MAX.

Blue berry filled Muffin:)

Raisin filled muffin:)

wasSup Doc: Thank God for the blessings:) They came at the right time.

i'm grateful*_*


Anonymous said...

the happening gang: double Jays double Aces =)

Anonymous said...

McMuffins! i want to eat :p
but i prefer Mcpork ..haha!

*jeSSicA* said...

so many!!! where did u get the coupons??

Ang3 said...

>jessica: we got it from our ball goodies bag...:)

>anonymous: Mcpork sounds yummy~~

*jeSSicA* said...

ling zhi, i realised sth from the pic u took with the 3 guys....

the initials from u all's names, starting from left..


p/s: i know this is kinda random, but yeah, i'm sometimes as random as u are too =P