Thursday, April 24, 2008

IMU BALL*Sensational Symphony*

The LONG AWAITED IMU Ball 2008 had finally come to an end. Still could remember how we gurls went high and low in KL to hunt for our dresses and all the accessories! Everytime we come together, we'll be discussing what color to wear, where to put our make ups and hairdo and bla bla bla...For months we talked over this because it's the most anticipated night where all the nerds in IMU turn into Prince and Princess!
No doubt, IMU Ball was mesmerized with ladies in their best dresses and men with their suits...Though we paid Rm 95 for a 8 course dinner, we didnt get to eat much, the thing we did most was TAKING PICTURES! It's like our final night together b4 all of us depart...but actually we haven't even sit for our finals YET!Hehehe...but overall, IMU Ball ROCKS!:):):)
the Booklet for the Ball

The IMU BALL crewS....Well Done, peeps:)Cheers!
Angie * Naomi Mei Ann, Aaron, Angie, Jeremy
Jolene, William, Angie
Esther + Angie
Chris Poi and Angie
Our very own orchestra*Quando, Quando, Quando, Quan*
Denise * Angie
Ching Li & Angie orientation group mates:)
Prom King(Kevin) and Prom Queen(Caryn)..Congrats guys:) i LOVE U!!
Angie and Jean:)
Angie and Geoff WeiLin + Angie = 017!!

Angie * Wennie
Jeremy & Angie

Guys...DRs to be...Yeng!

Vijaya+Ambiga+Diana+Angie+Wai Teng

Angie and Chia Hong, my childhood friend!(We were in the same class since standard 1 till Secondary 5, then we went Taylor's and did SAM and now in IMU!But he's leaving to UK this May...)

Slacking around after Ball...we're kicked out from the Ballroom..Haha..
wasSup Doc: Ball is now OVER, EOS 5 waiting ahead for us to conquer...still i will treasure the remaining 2 months in IMU Bukit Jalil....My dear fellow batchmates(M106), Angie Loves U all!!


One Perfect Rose said...

dear, u know wat, u are gorgeous! absolutely stunning! and u reminded me of our real long lost childhood friend, chia hong. he's such a grown up now! *look who's talking!* =p miss ya loads babe! *muacks*

luke.t said...

Ange looked so slenderr =)

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Uwa... B-E-A-U~~Tiful!!! Lady in d **SHINY** Black Dress.. My Sis~!

"The reenactment of a Fairy Tale Princess-Angelene."
- News Strait Times
"5 out of 5" - The Stars
"Seindah Bidadari" - Malaysia Kini

P/s: Sis.. DUN.. IF u know what i mean.. kakaka

Jeremy Gerard Nunis said...


Wow... Looking good Angie :)

shasha said...

ange you look so goodddd la... so tall and lean! :) and you took pic with Jean MDG.. haha.. so do you know her personally?

i can already "see" you as a doctor. hahaha

Ang3 said...

>one perfect rose: Yep..everybody has grown up:P and U..haha, remain the same size huh..small and cute + so pretty TOooooo!!

>bro: u're so so sweet....i'm flying off and reach the ceiling loo...ok ok. i kno-DUN HUNCH right? i'll keep that in mind:)thanks la!

>luke.t & jeremy: thanks to my make up artist who managed to transform me..:P

>Sharon: thanks gurl, still a long long long way to go before becoming a real Dr:) knew Jean through Chia Hong, they are classmates. Did talk a bit here and there. not really close la..She is leaving to UK with Chia Hong too! She was kinda shocked that i knew Chia Hong since primary school..haha! Small world i guess!

*jeSSicA* said...

u got all those compliments from what i see here and i thought i wont repeat saying the same thing, BUT....yes, u have a tall and slender figure and u are just stunning in those pics (u look beautiful anyway in person!) anybody got his breath carried away by u? =P

and oh yea chia hong! the last time i met him was during CNY! so fast that he's leaving to UK..

p/s: i love ur bro's comment haha
p/s 2: i miss u this pretty lady. how?

Ang3 said...

>Jessica: hey dear, u did a summary on all the comments ar?GOOD JOB!!Muahha! Hmmmm, since u miss me so much right, FLY BACK to Malaysia LARRrrr.....:P then we can meet and talk talk talk..anyway, nobody got carried away by me lar, i'm just NOTHING compared to tonnes of other pwetty gurls that night:P i myself got carried away by them..dun get me wrong...I'M STRAIGHT!

luke.t said...

Your bro's comment is so cooL. He is biased...

So am I =P

Chien said...

you look great!!!