Saturday, May 17, 2008

one day Off

OoolalalalaaaAa....CNS is over and i can give myself one day break after the drilling 4 weeks of studies about brain BRAIN brainS! After reading so much about it..i must say one thing, God is an uber creative creator! How He made our brains work to do soSOso many things, even the simplest movement of picking up a pen involves so many tracts and impulses sent here and there..complicated yet AMAZING and put me in awe and wonder how He made all this possible...anyways, who am i to ask, He is the creator of heaven and earth, remember? Always believe in this, i am fearfully and wonderfully made by Him..You and i are special in a way, clear?!

Yep, decided to take a day off from books books books...was chatting with valex yesterday on msn and found out smth...i looked awful and pale when he last saw me. It's like i'm suffering from some illness and didnt sleep for days..Mayb it's because i didnt put much effort in 'jaga-ing' my image:P it's like this 'whatever' attitude in me. It's not dress to kill moments and all..i might as well put more effort in my studies than thinking how to put on make-upS, right? another secret to tell, i haven't pierced my ears yet...let me tell u the real reason why i dun..IT'S because i'm worried that it will take up LOTS of my time, thinking wat earings to put on everytime i go's called DISTRACTION! no offence to those who put in lots of effort about this, it's just Aunty Angelene k:P But guess i'm wrong...totally wrong. God created make-up artist as well right? So yea, i shud appreciate the creation of make-upS, which has proven to do wonders:):) Thank God for that! No worries, i'm still not into all this YET, the right time will come for Angie to learn this skill..God has made everything beautiful in His time, ya?!'s not the correct timing yet COZ.......EOS 5(finals) is starting end of June. 4 days of exams..6 more weeks to study 2 and a half years stuff. Sure gonna be 10 times more stressful than preparing EOS 3..So ya, no time to make myself pretty or wat not. Studies still come first. Call me nerd..i dun mind:) God still loves Angie eventhough i look....UGLY:) I'm always beautiful in His eyes..Awwww!

See the messy-ness in Me..? ok ok, i'll comb my hair next time:)

have a blessed weekend:)
waSsup Doc:
'Charm is deceptive, beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised'
Proverbs 31:30
my ultimate goal> to be a woman who fears the Lord:) still working on that!


*jeSSicA* said...

dr teo, is that how u go to uni?! (u look a bit like tze xian in that pic!)

but nvm i still love u no matter how u appear =) we are special ppl right hehehe~

hey, about the piercing ear thing...can we go do together when i get back m'sia? i'll go for it if u say yes! and we shall learn to look for earrings...muahaha

lengzhaimus said...

aiyoh, u think too much la..
ok how bout this.. let me, the leng zhai council, bestow upon u leng lui-ness.. this rare title only applies if u say i leng zhai:p
so now, no need to think so much.. u r what u r.. social stigma only applies to those who are not content with their life.. u should be happy ed
now u can go around and say u leng lui.. got my approval
btw, i still think u "NEED" to eat more.. ur clavicle is scaring me!!!:p

Ang3 said...

>Jessica: Yea, this is how i wear to uni..but of coz i comb my hair properly. This was taken in cell last fri, i was in a mess d..we shall see when u come back k, i still think it's not the right timing to pierce my ears YET...muahah!

>lengzhaimus: Happy birthday hypothalaMUS, hemmibellisMUS...MUStaqim!!Hope the surprise did manage to put a smile on your face:):)Cheers! And NO i'm NOT gonna eat more..still in the eating less mood..prominent clavicle is wat i want..u will still be my fren right:P?

meisin said...

Hey Angelene, I totally agree with you that make up is such a waste of time and effort! Time could be used doing much more productive activities.

Hhhmmm....looks like studying computer science has changed me to be some sort of a nerd!! But I don't care, coz "beauty is fleeting, charm is deceptive", i would rather focus my time in doing things that matter to Him!!


Love u!

Anonymous said...


i said you looked pale, not 'pale and awful'. please dont add ajinamoto. lol.

anyway, good rest and nutrition help A LOT.


shasha said...

"i am fearfully and wonderfully made by Him"
AMEN! ;)

i'm willing to comb ur hair for you! LOL.. eh ange, do you by any chance know of a girl named "adeline tay"?
i saw u n her in a same pic :)

Ang3 said...

>meisin:Totally agree my dear!! time could be used for other more productive stuff...haha! love ya lots toO..faster come back!!

>Valex: ok ok..i added some ajinomoto, but the meaning is still the same larr..

>Shasha: So sweet of you for offereing to comb my messy hair:)adeline tay? Is she doing nursing one? are we talking about the same adeline?

shasha said...

yea the doing-nursing adeline tay. very sweet girl :)

Ang3 said...

>shasha: adeline tay it is:) Yep, she is very sweet. knew her when i was volunteering in Doulos 2 years back. Didn't keep in touch u know her?