Sunday, May 25, 2008

Be kind to everyone..

Was on duty to teach Sunday School today..topic of the day- be kind to EVERYONE:)
Said a short prayer before class started- prayed that my dear children will be attentive and not mischievous, prayed that they will learn something new about Jesus and prayed that class will go smoothly:) Coz i was told that a few boys in my class are very playful..haha. it's the age i guess:) Thank God, God answered my prayer, even the most mischievous Jeremy boy was really AMaZINGLY obedient. He didn't disturbed the class by pulling others hands, he sat quietly on his seat and colored the pictures and even asked for permission to eat the tiny little fish biscuits i prepared for the class. He was also the FIRST to finish the paper work..God definitely works in wonderS..It's great serving Him this way:) unpredictable...

today's topic was -Be kind to everyone. Bible story was about Jesus' friends, arguing about who is better and so on. Jesus knew they have the wrong ideas about the thought of becoming God's greatest person. So as they gathered in a house, Jesus picked up a boy and told them that if they want God think they are great, they must be like this little child and should not think they are better than others. Jesus wanted the friends(disciples) to treat others with love and kindness instead of worrying about trying to be better than everyone else-adapted from the book of Mark 9:33-37. Short and simple explanation to cater for kids aged 4-6:)

A new student joined us today. She is a down syndrome child and it's definitely a challenge for me to pay extra attention to her. Unfortunately, she cannot speak and hear what i say. So what i could do is just do some sign language to interact with her. . Task of the day was just coloring, so i gave her the coloring paper and did some sign language to ask her to start coloring. She did a pretty good job and i showed her a 'thumb up' sign, indicating she did well. Slowly, i could see a tinge of happiness on her face and she gave me a smile in return. My heart was overwhelmed with joy. That's called satisfaction:)I know God loves her too. At the end of the lesson, as she was waiting for her cousin to take her back, she did some sign language to me, but me, being a dumb dumb didn't understand at all..Haih.. patience is all i need..Maybe i should learn some sign language next time:) Looking forward to teach her next week:)

Better get back to my studies...5 more weeks to the BIG day..Keep me in prayer, pweAse!
have a cheery week ahead:)
God bless..

wasSup Doc: The greatest command of all:
Love others as you love yourself :):):)

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jia you!! i know u can do it =)

God always works wonders ^_^