Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tiring..yet fulfilling

LIBRARY is where i belong:) went libo-ing today(SATURDAY) from 9am till can i 'tahan'? because i'm having Central Nervous System(CNS) summative next Friday..the toughest system of all..! Had been camping in the library for the past week coz i cant really concentrate at home due the distraction from my comfy PINK bed. Guess it's time to change my study environment:) Anyway, it's really tiring to study whole day like this PLUS i'm attacked by the FLU and COUGH viruses at the same time! I almost finished the uni toilet's tissue paper today..i hate running nose and it hurts when i rub my nose now...argh! ok, the main point is not about the running nose i'm having, it's the joy of studying medicine! Haha...i'm loving it! though it requires so much studies, it's so FUN! Indeed, i'm so blessed to be given a chance to study this course...yep, tiring yet fulfilling:) Please pray that i will continue to persevere and find peace in preparing for this exam..

Went cell last night.
Main event: to 'celebrate' the little monster, miss Christine's farewell:)
As usual, we started off with Welcome-the Saliva games! broke the ice and we moved on to Worship and works. We did the global day of prayer. We prayed for the Christians to commit themselves to help the needy, prayed for Christians to act with wisdom to eradicate diseases like AIDS, prayed for the communities to see the hand of Christ extended, performing miraculous healing among the sick..yep, prayers definitely can move the hands of God:) Keep praying, He hears you:)

before we ended, we prayed for Christine. May she continue to walk closely with God and remember us, the vibrant KoiS!

See the GREEN shirt monster:)bullying our joyce

After one and a half years in Koinonia, she is leaving us to further her studies..mayb in australia..Gonna miss her little mischievous-ness! All the best gurl..

and finally we had wallop(the makan-ing session). we ate, we talked and we TOOK PICTURE:)

Jay wanna beS...Muahahaha!

The ardent 3310 fans! Kelvin and John!

KoinoniaS (gonna pray for Women's power..see the ratio of guys to gurls?)

::Happy Mommy Day to my dearest mum::

Three days ago, received a message from Jessica regarding Wei Yong's mum accident. Please click here to read about the news. It must very difficult for her to cope in such situation, to loose her mum who is so dearly to her. A brief summary on what has happened. Few days back, the wind in KB was very strong. A huge tree was pulled up (near Padang Bank) and landed on Wei Yong's mum car as she drove by. Unfortunately, she was killed in the accident. 3 other passengers( Wei Yong's brother and 2 other friends) only suffered from slight injury. Please keep her in prayer..May God grant her the strength to move on. It's gonna a tough time for her....esp Mothers' Day is so near:(

wasSup Doc: God knows our burdens and our crosses, those things that hurt, our trials and losses, He cares for every soul that cries, and wipes the tears from weeping eyes...Unto to Him, i place my trust:)


@yong said...

Thanks for the pray, it makes me feel warm..

*jeSSicA* said...

uh-oh, u had flu and running nose? i din realise it when i called u that day! must take care yea dear!

u really like the library dun u? and blame ur pink bed for that pulak... =P

yup....wei yong's in my prayer! and u too...always!

Ang3 said...

>@yong: No prob gurl..if u need any other prayer request, do let us kno ya..stay strong gurl:)

>Jessica: flu got better worries:) Yea..i LOVE the library..muahahha.