Thursday, December 13, 2007


::The Heart of Christmas::

It was like yesterday when Jeremy, Li Jun and me sat together in my house discussing what we wanna do for Christmas this year. We were not sure whether to make this year's Christmas a small party celebrated by Christians only or a huge party celebrated by all IMU-nians. By God's guidance, we all came to a conclusion-LET's MAKE this BIG! Yepp, we want to make a difference in IMU! We want people to know about the true meaning of Christmas, we want people to know Him, WE WANT TO SHARE THE LOVE OF CHRIST!

After much considerations, the theme for this Christmas is -the Heart of Christmas, and the message we wanted to convey was the real meaning of celebrating Christmas, which is Christ loves us so much that He gave His life for us. It is not about gift exchange, it is not about Santa Clause, but it is about the gift given freely by God-Jesus!
I could still remember vividly when all M106 cellies came together and discuss who to take up what responsibities and i praise God for having all of you to commit yourself-Jeremy, Li Jun, Chris, Valene, Wennie, Yee Pei, Denise, Troy, Eugene, Lily, Lydia, Khek Tjian, Rachel, Sze Wei, Pui Fun, Esther, Leong and Lieo Jiun. Besides thanks abundance to those who came and help for the preparations of these events>Megala, Stephanie, Raymond, Noris, Hwei Wan, Xandie, Aditya, Phing Phing, Hui Yen, Li Shan, Thuan Zhen, Kee, ZzYun, Sue Wen, Chester, Ee Pian...Thank you for your sacrifices and thank you for all the commitments you all made. This event wont so successful without all of you:)

Girls attending Painting class....:)
say CHEEsE!! *See the wood and branches behind*

No doubt God is Jehovah Jireh- A God who provides! Jeremy came up with a brilliant idea, that is to throw a FREE lunch party at the atrium for all IMU students and staffs. We all know, IMU is a money sucking university, and it's very impossible to ask them to come out with a large sum of money for us,Christians. We needed Rm 2000 to cover the cost..true enough, God provides. On our 2nd meeting with the SAD reps, Charimaine said there are a few lecturers who are willing to contribute. SRC too were so kind hearted to give us Rm 1000. Rm2000-KAODIM! Yay, more blessings came, the owner of the cafetaria decided to bless us with food for 200 people, one of the lecturer contribute 2 turkeys, another one gave us fruits and cakes and the list goes on. So on that day we had-speghetti, mee siam, satay, nuggets, cakes, curry, turkey, ice-cream, kuih nyonya, fish balls, bla bla bla! You name it, we have it and it's totally FREE FOR ALL imu students + staffs! And it's sure the finest moment in IMU:)

Yummy yummy!!We have 2 rows of this!!

Fruits + Cupcakes + Sandwiches! Christmas Cupcakes! Contributed by Sister Teoh's daughter!Thank you!

Next up, we decided to build a stable on a stage with wood. And you should know how much wood will cost us if we were to buy and we dun have that amount of money. Straining our heads to find the cheapest wood in town, our hero-Geoffrey came to rescue! He was once a scout and it is possible for him to build one stable without any nails and from SCRATCH! And wood wise, we could loan from his old scholl and for FREE! God was with us all the time, wat we needed, He answered us immediately. We needed dry leaves and tree branches, at a split of a second, we met this uncle working in IMU and he said he could get for us as many as we want from the back yard! Another need was met!

Wood from heaven:)
our HERO-Geoffrey!
Guys buiding the stable
The builders of 'the structure'- Geoff, Bong and Kim!Thanks for the hard work guys! Well done!

The first event we had for Christmas week was a reptiles exhibition-Jingle in the Jungle. The main reason of having this event was to attract people to this exhibition and in the same time give them to fill up a puzzle which is the story of Christmas. It's more of a evangelistic event. Our aim was to sell 500 tickets which will bring us RM1500. And remember we have to pay RM 1000 to the people for bringing in the reptiles in. Apparently, we only manage to accumulate RM 1000 the day before. Kinda worried because the reptiles handlers increase the price to RM 1200 and where on earth can we find the money. But God is great!! On dat day itself, we managed to attract a huge crowd, and at the end of the day, we have RM1700! And so we paid off the reptiles handlers and still we have RM 500!!Is this coincidence? I dun think so..It's definitely by God's work! We wanted RM1500 but God gave us MORE!

Jingle in the Jungle!!! Photostat shop kakak filling up the puzzle!:)
Wennie and Jeremy with the 2 biggest snakes in the exhibition!*Wennie is talking to the snake!!So sweeT.*
Joven and the venomous cobra...Scary!
Poi with Denise's STAR tortoise:P

Mustaqim with a real snake and Me with a fake snake!!

The big and last event finally came-CHRISTMAS PARTY for all! We had prayer meeting the day before. We prayed that the food is enough, we prayed for crowd, we prayed that the orphans who came will have a great time, we prayed that the event will go smoothly...We had a mime with the song 'We are the reason'. We prayed that it will be a mime to touch lives, when people see it, it will not be a mere performance, but it will be a mime to tell them all of us are the reason that Jesus gave His life for..Indeed the mime moves hearts! A Malay friend of mine texted me this after the event: Thanks for the great show. I hope i can love my God like how you love seeing this, i know God is working in some people's lives who were there to witness it. I know we have done our parts well and it's now in God's care. All of us had fun that day but apart from the fun, we felt we wouldn't have made it without Him guiding us. I'm amazed by how everything has fallen into place nicely. It's definitely by God's power! And of cause, all the sacrices we made cant be compared to the sacrifice He went through...

the ORANGE tables were arranged in a cross formation!Did you notice it??

The jiejies and the orphans:) *Thanks PEI & WENNIE for organising the arts and crafts with the kids:)They sure had fun!*The casts(Drs, sisters, students & orphans) who did the Nativity play!
Mimers....Women in BLACK!

Biggie thanks to Chris who organised the gift exchangeM106 with our gifts:)
The CHRISTMAS COMMITTEEs..Well Done guys:)

wasSup Doc : Christmas reminds me about Jesus. He is both a gift and a giver of good gifts. Knowing Him is the greatest gift in my life.......


Shann said...

Good job, girl!
Proud of you, for organizing such a wonderful and meaningful event.
This will be a really sweet memory :)

lishun said...

as i told you already...can see God working for the whole event. you guys were just being obedient and trusting hands and feet. God is truly glorified through it all. you guys rock. =)

christine said...

well done!!! *tears welling up in my eyes* seeing that God is truly evident in this event and you guys were His faithful servants!!! Blessed Christmas!!

Ang3 said...

>Shann:Yup, it'll be a very memorable event..

>lishun & christine: praise and honour to our dear Lord...It's really He who made everything possible...the way he works was GREAT and unpredictable:)Blessed Christmas to u all too..

Anonymous said...

Why are you torturing the poor tortoise, you Chinese idiots.