Friday, December 28, 2007


HAIH....i realise something>i love to sigh!
did u notice that?

when things don't turn out the way i want it to be..
when i worry too much
when i'm exhausted
hmm, it's just a way for me to gain more ENERGY to move on:)

so next time when i sigh, please rmb this:
Angelene is gathering her POWER, no worries, no big deal, just give her your million dollar smile, she will be okay:)

wasSup Doc: say "CHEESEeee"!! It's just a simple act so please do it for me k, it is like giving me a sunflower everyday...

1 comment:

*jeSSicA* said...

why la u are like me again?!

HAIH... =.=||||

angelene angelene!