Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Momsy!!

It's a big day yesterday..It's my Momsy's birthday:)
Thank you for your overwhelming LOVE and so i learned to love others
Thank you for your PATIENCE in moulding me to be a better gurl
Thank you for your SACRIFICEs that you made to provide everything we need
Thank you for your ADVICES when i'm lost

Sorry for letting you down sometimes
Sorry for being rebellious
Sorry for the many many mistakes i made in the past
Sorry for making you worry whenever i call back and tell you my problems

Just wanna let you know
i am really bless to have you
as my friend
as my comforter &
as my MOM:)

Thank you for being there when i needed you most.

my MOM once said: Honey gurl, i dont wanna be the last to know wat is happening in your life.
i want to be the first.
It might sound simple to you but to me it brought a very deep msg. She wants to know EVERYTHING of me, including the simplest info about me.SHE WANTS TO KNOW ALL!
So from then onwards, i have no secrets keeping away from her. Even which guy i like, SHE WILL KNOW..haha.
Scary? I dun think so, because she is my beloved MOMmy:)

wasSup Doc: Gurls, share your problems to your mom, she'll give you the best advice because she was once your age:)

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