Monday, December 31, 2007

ReunionS, i like:)

This year around, Christmas break had been a great one, with lots of reunionS with friends and family:) i like:)
Just before Christmas day, i managed to meet up with my dearie coach from Teenstreet-Annie and my groupmates whom i never catch up for quite some time-Leesan, Grace Anding, Grace Tan, Su Ming. Had a great time talking bout cute guys though(thanks to Grace who updated us about the hot guys around MALAYSIA:)By the way, Annie is migrating to Canada..all the best in the future ya my dearest coach:):)
Annie & Zac

We celebrated Grace Anding's 21st birthday:)
the BEST moment of this Christmas break was that i got to spend time with my family:)

We went to Cameron Highlands since Christmas eve and came back 2 days after...Mommy loves the place badly due to the cool weather:)hmm, it's a good time for her to relax too since she is so hooked up with her work in Kelantan. So my dad decided to reward her with holidays:) Another reason was also my didi leaving to US this coming January, wanna spend some quality with him too..oh i must say this: I 'HEART' Cameron!!why? It's because that place is FULL of STRAWBERRIES!! i just cant resist them....awww!

StrawberrieS!!Cakes, biscuits, jam, juice, chocolate etc. etc. etc.

StrawberrieS AGAIN! bags, pillows, soft toys..Awww, i LOVE everything there!

Our cameraman, Koko!

Little santa i met in Cameron..uber cute ne..

My family...oops, my pretty sister is M.I.A :P

Angie * Gary. gonna miss ya once you leave:( i wont be seeing him for maybe 3 years unless i go find him in US...

Proudly present to you my favoutrite souvenier from cameron-Strawberry Umbrella,nice not?!
my Lovely Daddy and Mommy:) Awww, i love you!

Just last Sunday, met Sarah Wong in church..This dearly sis in Christ of mine came back from US. Luckily i still get to talk to her before she flies back tomorrow:) Sarah * Angelene

That very afternoon, i met up with Raul and Sue Anne @ Midvalley!!Yahoo...we planned and planned to meet up since months but all plans were in vain! But fortunately everybody did make it yesterday EXCEPT SUE CHEE THONG, the settle Ong!Haih..i'll call you up again one day, since you're in UM, so near right??!! or should i just make an appointment with you now, boss? Angie * Raul (Real Madrid ardent fan!! Thanks to him, i at least knew smth about football. We were in the same class since primary 1, 14 years of friendship, dun play play.Btw, once Kelantanese, FOREVER Kelantanese k. i'm always proud to say that.. i'l never convert to KL-nian! Still prefer KB:P Take care in Sarawak ya, come back as our next politician k!!KB needs U!

Ah Anne!! She is the mommy of all mommies!


as for today, went to Midvalley with my dearest mommy. Erm, a mother-daughter shopping session:)To be honest, I prefer go shopping with her/my sis compared to my friends...DUN ask me why..i myself also dunno why. But wat i wanna emphasize here is that i had some quality time personally with my mom. Never see her for months d and i really treasure this time we went out together coz i might be going oversea soon and wont have much time left to spend with her:( she herself told me about it as we were walking sad!! I dun wanna go oversea...i'll miss my family!Anyway, did most of the shopping for my younger bro and of cause bought myself some cheap( super worth it) clothes! Here they are:)

Guess how much i bought all these? Pokka dots shirt + SEED Tee + Vincci walking shoe + Vintage shorts = RM 105! Good buy huh..
Got this dress from Treats for only RM80! Finally found something to wear for my cousie's coming wedding dinner which has GREen color as their theme ! Credits to my dear mommy who spotted it:)
Oh, met this bunch of guys when i was in FOS-Valex, Teck Leong, YiHao, Chia Chiang and Chin Chee!! Never see them since the last day of Form 5! i was kinda amazed by Chia Chiang's height. He definitely grew taller since then..Hehe..except for Teck Leong who grew more prosperous, others hmm, not much diff:) but glad to know you guys still doing well^_^

wasSup Doc: my NEW YEAR resolution is to catch up with more old friends before i leave to oversea. Looking forward to more reunions before we are reunited in His presence:) and our venue will be called 'The Heaven':)


Anonymous said...

not i have grow higher, juz the shoe is 2 inches thick

Ang3 said...

>Chiang: So it means u're still same height as me?:P

*jeSSicA* said...

ooo..i saw that photo in friendster first before i read ur blog, so that's chin chee! that's the gathering which thong told me he couldn't make it to see u =P

and i never meet these guys ever since form 5 i think!

adelynne said...

Which cousin of ours is getting married??!!

Ang3 said...

>Jessica: Yup!It's Chin Chee!:)I think u really never see them for ages:P

>adelynne: It's aunt Helen's eldest son..

i am intangible said...

hey, i stumble upon your blog by accident! Angelene, how are you? the last time i saw you was when we were watching the charity movie screening Eragon and it was my 21st birthday! lol~ i miss all of you a lot ler!!!
wow~ this just brings back the memory i had with you all in teenstreet hmmm... 2005? lol~
GBU always and keep in touch yea :)
grace a.