Saturday, December 22, 2007

waT a WeeK!

Yup it has been a week with LOTS of celebrations Especially Birthday Celebrations..SO MANY DECEMBER BABIES within ONE week.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUYS...
1st to come-18th of Dec is KEVIN YONG a.k.a PINKY! It's his 20th birthday...we gave him a surprise visit the night before and HOPEFULLY he was surprised by it larr....and as usual he was bashed with birthday cakes and was thrown into the pool..too bad:P

Birthday boy kena ATtacked....Happy Birthday Pinky!

The lovey dovey couple i knew since studying SAM in Taylor's:)

Soaking wet Kev after being thrown into the pool by his fellow friends

Next up, it's THUAN ZHEN early surprised birthday celebration...Thanks to his gf, Shan Shan who organised everything and even went all the way to Geoff's place to learn how to bake a Choc CAKE for him!! sweet of her:)

Shan Shan cutting chocs pieces

Chocolate cake for Thuan Zhen..not the end product though..i dun hv the pic :(

Follow up-19th of Dec, it's RAYMOND's biggie day:) ANOTHER surprised party for him..This time was rather exciting. We managed to hide in his house and wait for him to return home to surprise him-just as wat we usually see in TV. I believed Wennie had done a great job preparing this secret event..Raymond boy totally has no idea about it! And we all had a whale of time there playing mafia..hah,of all games but we really lurve it mar*_*Ooh, choc fondeu was heavenly..credits to Pei and Geoff! Ray's birthday cake is made up of cute little cupcakes..special right??
Pei and G-Wong, The experts of Chocs fondeu...
Raymond kena aTtacked by cupcakes TOooooo...poor thing. but it is a MUST TO DO 'ritual' marr..

The group playing's a 'brutal' game, BUT we lurve it and cant stop playing again and again
Finally it's CHRIS POI's turn..Rawr!! This little dinosaur turns 21 on the 23rd of Dec. Unfortunately we werent be around that time so we decided to throw him one since our cell is having a Christmas week reflections at my place. Credits again to Pei and Geoff for baking the choco muffins!*i must say, Pei and Geoff are the best bakers in our batch! HUNT for them if u need any help, they are more than willing to help:)*
Chris and his muffins with messages from all of us

M106 cellies
Liying was so surprised to see the group of us who visited her after our birthday dinner for Chris:) She looked super stress up..hopefully our prayer will somehow calm her down a little to prepare for her EOS 5:)Add oil ya my dear!!

Our cell ended Christmas Week with caroling. We were invited to go to a kindergarten at Taman Esplanade to sing some christmas songs for the kids there..We all had fun, the kids had fun and i believed God enjoyed seeing us..Rmb, Jesus loves the little children too:)

M106 cell practising some songs 1 hour just before our caroling..

But thank God the whole caroling session went well...Feliz navidad-Merry christmas:)

Ending this post with GOOD NEWS>a few SOULS were born again into God's kingdom:)i can hear angels singing in heaven, welcoming these brothers and sisters in Christ..Last Sunday was an unforgetable experience indeed. An unplanned mission for me-To reach out for the poor and needy Indians near Sunway area. How i got myself involved into this trip??Hmm.. Actually I was supposed to go back home after church service but apparently i have NO TRANSPORT home and the only mean of transport left was KTM which required me 2 hours to reach home at BJ. Being a girl who is super reluctant to walk alone to the KTM station at Subang, i approached Christine who is also a student staying at vista without a car. Just wanna see whether she wanna go home with me by KTM. And so, she asked me whether i wanna go and pray for these less fortunate people because Pastor Aik Khiam and family were going for the first time as well. And after that, pastor can send us home. Since i have nothing to do, might as well just go and open my eyes but i must say,i am NOT preprared at all what to expect there. According to Aunt Sally, the place is where drug addicts and single moms/dads staying. She told us :U might see demons being casted out, u might see rejections from some of the houses, u might see miracles performed..And a group of people has been constantly praying for them, day and night..hoping that souls are saved and let them know the goodness of knowing Him.

Horns were sounded before we start praying...

This father is left with 9 children after his wife died 2 months ago. They have just accepted Christ and when we visit them, their faces were glowing with joy..It's like having God is so great:)Aunt Marydust(woman in green outfit) lives among these unfortunate people. She could speak Tamil and English very well. That is why she could translate and communicate with the people there very well. She has big heart for the people there. Every night, she and a few mates will pray from 8pm till midnight for the people there. Eventhough she is just earning Rm500 per month, she still give give and give. And during this Christmas season, she organised gatherings for the children there in the hope of telling them about Jesus:) It's really inspiring to see how she want to serve the Lord.
Aunt Mary who is given the gift of prophesying. After explaining to the kids the real meaning of accepting Jesus into their lives, she then led them to say the sinner's prayer..

Aunt Marydust and Aunt Mary, praying for a girl who suffered from skin disease. According to them, she has recovered quite a bit compared to the 1st time they saw her. Praise the Lord:)

God is GREAT! He equipped me with smth that is my taking pics skill(though i'm not pro)!Wahaha..They were short of cameraman, and so ngam i got NO TRANSPORT home. He sent me there unexpectedly and in the same time let me feel the need for these people and i'm glad i went and could help out in smth....i'm amazed by the how the holy spirit works to bring these needy people 'home', and eternal loving home...At least when they feel devastated, they still have God to turn to and ask help from, right??

wasSup Doc: God is not fallible. He not only wants what is best for us, He knows with perfect knowledge what is best. You and me are special to Him..Rmb that! We're fearfully and wonderfully made. He knows you in and out. He understands your feelings. He is your Father. He loves you very much. God is LOVE... in this Christmas season, give your heart to Him because He first gave you His LIFE!

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