Saturday, December 09, 2006

Xmas in IMU

Christmas is near! Yay, which means holiday is coming! This year, CF + CSS combined and did a one week celebration in IMU! We had food fair and a sketch on 'The Fascade"(the Mask). i was involved in the sketch as an aunty:(...To be honest, we were kinda worried how the sketch will be coz we never did the whole play in one string. But God is great, the sketch went smoothly that night with all the videos and lightings came in at the right time!Amen!!

Slide show below is some pictures taken throughout the whole week!
-Actors and Actresses
-Me in action-as aunty in the sketch!(Gosh, my image of young lady is gone!!!)
-Tai Lo is back lar.....
-Father n Son fighting again...
-God sent His only son, Jesus for the world
-Candle light prayers
-Presents for all??
-Give my present back!!!!
-IMU choir singing 'Joy to the World'
-Sarah, Ivy n Joanne at the food fair
-Denise*posing again* + the huge Xmas card
-Get off Aaron!!i wanna sign!!!

wasSup doc: what is the Gift of Christmas? It's God's only son, Jesus who came and gave us eternal life.....


Anonymous said...

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denise said...

complaint 1 : nice pics! i oso want!

complaint 2: denise is not a poser! she just always accidentaly happen to be in front of the camera!

complaint3: i dont want to spend christmas studying about the heart!


Ang3 said...

Answer 1: Will giv u the pics as Xmas present ok?Hehe!

Answer 2: Not bad wat, U're a great poser..gifted!

Answer 3: Too bad, u're a med student!So dun complain anymore, just study!:P

All the best loo De...