Monday, December 11, 2006

Friday Night

A Star Studded Affair

Friday Night was a blast! LT 2 was like a disco with perfect lightings n dry ice splashing on the stage...Just wanna say, people in IMU are not only blessed with smart brains but are multi-talented! They can sing, act, dance, play various musical instruments! They are really gifted! Lecturers included! Like wat Denise said, it's worth going though we have to skip our favourite Korean Drama, not studying our CVS, running in the rain to buy nasi lemak so that we wont miss any single part of the show and spending whole night till 3am screaming at the top of our voices! It was really a crazy night. Climax??Hmm.. When our Superman n Siti promoting iron during their catwalk session! FuUyooh, they are the best la!*M106 rules!* For those who miss it, here are some pics for you to enjoy.*Sorry for the low quality pics..:P*

Can u see the Lion is singing??

Aun & Nelson singing Ni Zui Zhen Gui

Dr Rajesh n wife duet!! So Sweet..

Dr. Sri Kumar as drummer & Dr Jpj as Guitarist -Coolest band!

Sketch by the 3 lecturers! Dr Rajesh n Dr Sri Kumar interviewing Dr Thani(as student) to enter the BUMS Uni! They were really funny!!

Oops, did i mention that Superman n Siti were the champion in the first catwalk? Well done peeps, we're proud of you!!

wasSup Doc : All Shall Shine Tonight!:]


denise said...

Waaah!!! i jealous ady.
angelene! next year you Naboob gang MUST perform Tong Hua with me ah!


Ang3 said...

Ooo, Denise is going on the stage next year! We'll wait and see!!!