Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Touching MVs!

Part I

Part II

This is a very sad love story. Do watch the first and second parts so that you can capture the whole story....
A little bit of translation here. It's not the exact one though....sorry!:(

The girl was kidnapped because she is the policeman's girlfriend. The gang wanted to make use of her to force the policeman to stop persecuting the gang leader but he didn't care about his girlfriend. He even cheated on her after he got beaten up.

The gang later got pissed off when the policeman didn't help the gang leader. So they decided to blow the girl up in the public as a revenge to the policaman. Later on the kidnapper came and tried to save her, but he was shot instead being thought as the bad guy coz he was struggling with the girl. The girl felt sad and decided to press the button to blow the bomb and they both died together....*sob sob*
A biggie thanks to my dear sista, Adelene who recommended me to watch these MVs..Just wanna share them with you guys. DUN stress yourselves up with CVS my dear Dr2Bs, watch some MVs to relax ya! I'm fed up with CVS also la...but forget bout it, we shall study harder during our 1 week Xmas break!*Hopefully this time the study plan will work!Wish me luck!Fingers cross*

wasSup Doc: Both of these songs are sung by SG Wannabe(Korean). The first song is entitled 'Partner for Life' and the second one is called 'Slow'..nice!


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pei said...

the kidnapper is sooo cuuttee!!

Ang3 said...

yepp, he is cute cute cute!
his name is Dongwan, from Shinwa(Korean band), if you heard before la...:P

caryn said...

notty girl..u gave away d ending..sobsob. =(