Thursday, December 14, 2006

Fun fun fuN!!

Visited Clinic Cheras Baru again this morning. It's our 2nd visit there, so managed interview some patients. All of us not really in the mood to take the history of the patients though. Just felt tired and hate waking up early(6.45am!!). And lectures have been changed to 4.15pm, which is the best time to hav nap! So, we spent most of the time chatting among ourselves in the clinic! However, we transormed totally during the post visit! When the clock striked 12pm, we became so energized and rushed to eat Sree's favourite wan tan mee in Cheras! Dun think it's just a normal plate of wan tan mee, it's NOT..NOno!! The char siew was yummy! Sweet at the outside and soft in the inside! The texture was perfect! Shud give a try if u're a wan tan mee lover! Guarantee will make u wan more! The address is as below:

1, Jalan Kaskas2,Taman Cheras,
56100 KL.
Open at 7.30am ~ 3.30pm
Each plate is only RM3.50....Worth it ppl!

For our previous visit, we had the best Lam Mee in Cheras and it was really special. It was different from wat i have tried previously. The gravy was thick, the mee was home made, and the taste was....One word: Heavenly! *sowee, no pic* Most importantly, portion is big with prawns + meat+ fish balls and it only cost u RM4.00 ! Cheapo ne!!Thanks to Sree for making an effort to bring us to all the good food in Cheras. Without u, we wud never had enjoy our clinical visit..:P

After today's clinical visit, went for cell group and then follwed by lectures till 7pm. Huh, it's super tiring, i kno. But that's not the END of the day! I later joined the group for carolling! Walking from houses to houses(vista B to C and to B then to C again!!) to sing Xmas songs! We were sweating, panting, tired but still we enjoyed every moment,pouring God's blessing upon their family and friends. We visited Dr Rajesh Sharma's, Dr Achike, Dr JPJ, Dr Joe Perara's and finally Sem 3 Jackie's place with all the Sem 3 ppl . The climax of the day was when we visited Dr Joe Perera's apartment and required him to dance with his wife again. (After their wonderful performace on Friday Night!) And indeed, both of them dance for us!!!It was really fun and i'm looking forward to the next carolling which is next Tuesday! :]

At Joe Perera's apartment!

Merry Christmas M106!

wasSup Doc: Feliz Navidad

We want to wish you a blessed Christmas

We want to wish you a blessed Christmas

We want to wish you a blessed Christmas

From the bottom, of our heart(CVS??)!!!


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denise said...

thinking about the christmas caroling makes me so excited!

blessed happy merry wonderfull jolly magical beautiful christmas EVERYONE!!! =)