Sunday, December 24, 2006

Pre- Xmas

Went to MidValley this afternoon to meet my long lost friends! Thong n Kheng Hong. Hmm, the last time we went for mamak was 6 months back when i was in KB, but luckily b4 Xmas, i got a chance to meet them.They are my buddies whom i knew since i was 6 years old! More than 10 years frens d.Hehe..Oh, the deco in Midvalley was really SWEET!With all the candy houses and huge Christmas Trees! Cool~ but but but, i found out smth..NO FAKE SNOW to play. So, cRz n Pei lied to me and tried to lure me to go Midvalley 3 days ago!Aiyoooo, i'm just too innocent to believe them coz i thought i could go n play with it this noon!! Anyway, had a great time with Thong & Kheng Hong and we played Photo Hunt!Yay...Midvalley was very crowded, just a short advise, DUN go now, u'll have a hard time finding parking. Thanks to Geoffrey who sent me there and we walked to MV from his apartment! No KTM for me, NO finding parking for him..EASY!

Reaching for the 'STICK"

KH, Ang3, Thong!!-Friendship Foreva-


Last Friday, CG M106 had a pot bless at my place to celebrate Christmas and it was the last cell group of the year. Thanks to all the people who made it POSSIBLE! Biggie hugzz to all my frenz who prepared food!!First, Geoff who came as early as 7am to prepare the food-mesh potatoes, beef thingy(sorry dunno wat it is called), coleslaw ; Denise who put everything in order, effort in meshing the potatoes!; Liew Jiun who made the roast chicken a success plus a huge muffin; Pei who baked Crz Poi's 20th birthday cake; Xian Yang's Mum who prepared a 20 people's portion spaghetti sauce; Shan Shan who made the spaghetti taste nice; Li Jun who made the cincau and organized the whole meeting! Last but not least, the people who contribute money for the food..Well done guys! Without u all, it wont be a success! I can feel God is at work in our cell. Oops, not to forget our worship gang Khek Tjian and Jeremy! Ice breaker KING, Crz(Burfday boy)...Remember, God will reward you all in heaven for all you have done for Him.....Keep shining for Him.

Let's see some shots we got throughout the whole meeting!

wasSup Doc: God is good, ALL THE TIME!!!It's true when i recall back what He have done for me throughout year 2006. The LOVE He gives is endless...Life can be unfair sometimes, but dun worry coz He is faithful all the time!

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*jeSSicA* said...

thong's hair looks so so so long!!! reminds me of those singers in the olden days...wahahahahah...

and you too, looks like a young lady now! (meaning, no more little cute gal look... =P)

merry christmas dear!