Sunday, November 19, 2006

Wat is my problem??

I can't remember all the parasites....
I can't recall any pharmaco notes...
I'm so going to fail my summative 2...
Any suggestions to improve my memory?
Raisins?i finished the whole big red box of it and it's not working, it only helps to put on my weight!
Ginko? Too expensive la. Can't afford it at all!
Anymore ideas???
wasSup Doc : I can only rely on God to pass my exam.....Really need His grace to pour on me again!


大姐 said...

U need to chill~
Relax laaa, go watch Casino Royale and 4get abt the parasites and drugs.
Take a hiatus and come back, fully powered.
DUN tell me u dun have time, u can make out the time=)

I know U can do it, take well care yeah

crz said...

dun worry la.. i noe u'll do juz fine.. u always do =)

huang said...

dun get 2 nervous. eveythin will turn out fine. u hav 2blieve me this.

大姐 i'm goin 2 watch casino royale this weekend wit my sis.

Ang3 said...

Thanks ppl for de encouragement!

Da je, i really wanna go n watch the movie but currently broke!I can only stay at home n watch Daisy....:[

大姐 said...


*jeSSicA* said...

muahaha i watched casino royale dy!
anyway,angelene,u are still the same when it comes to studies-always worrying! try not to tense up yo!