Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Journey begins...

-It's THE group-
PBL sessions were never as interesting as the one i'm having now! THE group is juz a perfect combination of THE happening people in M106. THE substances here are SREE, JEREMY, THOMAS, XIN LOONG, SHIN ANN, CARYN, HUI YEN, PHING PHING & EUGENE. The hospital and clinic visits were so much fun with these people around!But the best part is the faci we had previously--> Dr Shaila Sharma, is an easy going person who can joke with us and shower us with love and care!Every PBL sessions is like a mamak gathering for us. We blend in well and crap about everything under the sun. Our faci has to pull us back, or else the PBL will last for hours because our faci will sometimes join us! i still remember once when she was trying to explain some theory while we were distributing chocolates quietly. Suddenly she stopped and asked "Eh, where is my chocolates?i want one!" All of us burst into laughter! Then ar, when you're sick, she will make an effort to call you to ask about ur condition. Though it's just a small deed, it shows her concern for us... She is like our 'mommy' who can listen to our complaints.Oh, how nice she is! Missing her badly d!
So the last PBL session with her, we bought a Chocolate Banana from Secret Recipe for her as a token of appreciation..Yummy! :) To be honest, she is one of the best faci we could have......

*We are the K Group*

Yepp, group K Rox


-Dedication: Happy Big Day Jen Lye-

Jen's birthday cake baked specially by YEE PEI!!!(Perfect)

Friends Forever


-First Aid-

This was how we released stress when our first aid class was just two days before summative 2 --> Every Shot is a Power Shot....say CHEESSE :)

The broken sculls n hand


-Post Exam-

A biggie Hugs to those who prayed for me and encouraged me in every ways before the exam. Especially to my dearest SARAH NG, u're so loving who has brightened my days. Thanks for the Chocs..I love u.*Muah Muah*

wasSup Doc: A friend loves at all time. Proverbs 17:17


jens said...

wow wee!!!
thanks ange! ehehe... got my pic! berasa bangga teramat sangat...=P
ahahaha... thanks for coming yar...=)

G_Wong said...

sungguh menyayak hati