Friday, November 10, 2006

My nursing week..

I believed more than half of M106 students will say their nursing week was bored, given cold shoulders by the nurses, most of the patients were reluctant to talk and yadda yadda. But as for my group, i think it was really a fruitful experience. We were the noisiest group i could say, with Sree, Jeremy, Shin Ann, Caryn, Phing Phing, Xin Long and the talkative Me around. Even my sister was asking us to keep our voice low..Haha! But Sister Saedah was a great sister who was so willing to teach us patiently, brought us to every nook and corner of the hospital and shared her very own experiences after serving the public for more than 10 years.

The ward we were assigned to was a female ortho ward with mostly old women and a small part of paeditric. We were really lucky to be there because as u all know, old people can talk non-stop and they love to share their feelings. So you wont feel bored even you have nothing to do because i think listening to the patients is the best thing we can do currently due to the limited knowledge we learned throughout our 2 semesters. Of coz at the beginning we were shy to approach them coz they looked really sick and just wanted some rest, but we thickened our face and started a conversation with them.They just pour out their hearts once you showed some interest to their lives. The best part was when the patients realised Sree can speak Mandarin. Shocking but interesting!

I met a 90+ years old woman who fell when she was bathing. She fractured her right leg and right arm, so when i helped her with her drinks and food, she held my hands and i can hear her weak spoken voice keep on saying thank you thank you. Slowly you can see her tears trembling down.When i see that, i was really touched, it was just a small thing i did and she really appreciated it. This is the satisfaction i meant when you're in medical field. The only thing you hope is to see them recover and not lying there, immobilised.

So, when we were about time to leave, we bid goodbye to all the patients we met in the ward. It was hard though because for only 2 days, we have actually built a relationship with them. As for me, this exposure has indeed encouraged me more of becoming a passionate dr. I know it's not easy to pass through the exams but i will just give my best. If really can't make it maybe a nurse will do (at least). :)

Tiring doctors-to-be (on our way early morning)
Jokers in the bus!
The 2B Doctors wannabe

wasSup Doc : Make an impact in people's life by showing your concern and love for them!U can make a difference!


shaz said...

angelene.. this sounds fun leh.
makes me recalls the time my mum used to bring me to usm every friday to see this bone cancer patient,(younger than me). Every week - until I had to spare time for spm n stuff.. and gradually stopped visiting.. and one day mum called me and said that the girl passed away.. i tell u - really cried like orang gila..

she was such a bright girl la, altho w cancer.. she fought w it so bravely..

I miss the times me n mum try to reach out to them, especially to the lost ones.. telling them that there's a God who cares for them...I miss the times where we approach lonely patients and try to share God's love with them.. or even, just sit and listen to ppl's heart... :)

It may seems that they need our encouragement - but many times they don't realise that THEY are the ones that brought encouragement to us especially me!

Ang3 said...

Shaz, i'm so encouraged by your testimony you shared. I really agree with you, they are the ones that inspired us to move on further. Keep up the good work you're doing, you never know the seed you planted will grow one day!:)