Sunday, November 12, 2006

Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed(AWANA)..

The meeting this afternoon was the the last meeting for AWANA kids club for this year. The children were given their graduation awards, redemption gifts from the points they have collected throughout the years and leaders too were given awards. I have involved in this ministry for only 1 year+ since i joined the church. Seeing the kids grow stronger spiritually with God has really encouraged me more to serve him. I remember my leader saying that the small seed we planted in this children heart will eventually grow when they become older. So the best time to share the gospel is when they are still young. :)

My T&T Class(We decorated photo frames)

I got the Most Caring Leader......*Wink*

*Sushi(after taking this pic, the waitress told me i was not allowed to take any pic..T_T, so this is the only shot i got......)

After the meeting, all the leaders were invited to Shogun Japanese Buffet Restaurant in One U for an appreciation dinner. As a japanese food lover, i actually starved and skipped my lunch so that i can eat more then...*the greedy monster of me*...Honestly, the food was not really delicious. Although the food varies from sushi, shashimi, soba, tempura, teppanyaki, miso soup to cheese cakes, they taste soso only. Not recommended at all!! Maybe it's because of the mass production to supply the loads of customers! The best food i can find is Edaname( stimmed green beans). It might sounds stupid but honestly it was really reaaly good...Give a try a possible. I think i went 5 rounds to get them! Even my pastor thought i was on diet! Anyway, we had a great fellowship among all the leaders, sharing the times we had in AWANA previously. There were happy and bitter times, but God is faithful. He guided us through it all... *_*

Katherine + m3

She is my partner in the kids club. Honestly, i'm really grateful to have her because her big heart to serve in this ministry is imcomparable. She is very patient with the children, talked to them nicely and shared all she has with them. She is very creative as well, making the children to make lots of handcrafts so that they can remember what they have studied earlier in the lesson. She even spent her own money to buy gifts for the children.For instance, bibles, photo frames and story books. I really learned a lot from her. With her guidance and kindness, i grown stronger spiritually. Her passion and enthusiasm in teaching the children is really a living model of Christ!

wasSup Doc : God will bless your giving heart.

"May the Lord repay you for what you have done...-Ruth 2:12"


shaz said...

YERRR I also want awards like that.. hahahaha :)
my mum also said the exact phrase that ur leader told u "the small seed we planted in the childrens' heart will eventually grow when they become older. so the best time to share the gospel is when they are still young"
she even said, "when they face troubles in the days ahead, even if they back slide, they'll know where to head, that's church; they'll know who to turn to, that's the christians; cos they'll remember the ones who cared."
hmmm~ true isnt it :)

rewards wil be certainly be given.. in heaven :)

*jeSSicA* said...

i like sharon's comment =P

shaz said...

thank you Jess!
*hugs* :P

Ang3 said...

Shaz...wat you said is so true!
Ultimately, the rewards in heaven is wat we're looking forward to!