Friday, July 14, 2006

-MV Doulos @ Port Klang-

The most exciting night(Youth International Night) organised by MV Doulos has finally arrived, Heritage Centre of PJEFC was crowded with youths of Malaysia since 7pm ! Undoubedly the events were superb, performed by the Doulos crews which consists of nations from 45 different countries. The environment was first warmed up by the special guest band-Altered Frequency,singing praises to God and dancing with joy.....Then, followed by a string of music, multimedia, drama and dance performances. They also shared about the real lives testimonies from the crews onboard. The following are photos captured during their performance but so sorry for the poor quality of the pictures...:(

=The Big Swing+Dance=Awesome

-Choir singing verses from book of Matthew 28:18-20-

Then this morning(15th July) i accompanied the Awana kids club to visit the 92 years old ship.Indeed the book shop on the ship was big with various variety of books. Since early, the place was packed like sardines, we can hardly move there.(Little advice: Don't visit the ship on weekends and the book store was hot and humid,it is not air conditioned).
In short the ship is old but still the condition was still good, all because of God's grace and the willingness of the crews to maintain it.AMEN

=My T & T class + Leader Katherine=

-Kids of CDPC are so ready for the Kids' Programme onboard-

Overall, the visit to Doulos was an eye opener for me-->seeing people of all nations serving Gor faithfully without any material reward but deep inside they know God has rewarded abundantly spiritually(this is what we actually need)

watsSup Doc:Today is so full of good things to see, that tomorrow can just wait for me...


*jeSSicA* said...

oh..u went there this and my frens went there juz now this afternoon!! and boy, it was really hot.....

p/s:how come no one drop comment on ur blog except me????

misssuyin said...

Cos we dont know her add. How to link blogs people?HOW?HOW?HOW?

oh..and hehe...angie you only just started and u have almost the same number of entries as me leh (malunya). but im very impressed!keep up the good work girl!hehe

how's holidays treating you?mine has been rather dull.miss u guys!

Ang3 said...

dear suyin,check your friendster msges,i hav sent u a msg.i was also taught by Jessica few days ago//haha
thanks jess!

Anonymous said...

NSU - 4efer, 5210 - rulez

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