Wednesday, July 12, 2006

My new CHALLENGE of life

Attention to all my lovey dovey frens:
FINALLY,i have my own BLOG...
Hmmm,just wondering what hav i been up to when people are so indulged in this blogging world! I feel so lagging behind!
Fortunately,i'm keeping on the pace now, and no longer an alien in this so called "IN" world! :)

Blogging was never my cup of tea,the effort of writing an article each day is such a haste,but the influence from ppl around me was so strong
[Eg: Xan's blog skin is so cute, Denise's blog was a graveyard(but no longer after EOS), Pei's blog is full of her deep thoughts n the list goes on...]
that indeed stirred my thought to have one of my own, personal blog...
So here i am now, off i go to my brand new blog world!hopefully it will be an adventurous and interesting journey,marking down my steps and lifes of my future.....

watSsup Doc: Life is short,so??Try new stuff whenever bloggin!
-Make you life as challenging as possible coz u only LIVE ONCE-

1 comment:

*jeSSicA* said... influenced by ppl around u ah?haha...

keep on posting ya gal!

link me k~

p/s:y choose the same blog skin as mine...and ur short msg under ur blog title,about the same meaning as mine one... =P