Thursday, July 13, 2006

-Judgement Day-

The 'judgement day' (13th of July)has finally arrived.....Days living in fear were neither comfortable nor happy. But before we face the music at 5pm,my gang has decided to watch 'Pirates of Caribbean II' which was released TODAY itself. Of course no objections from the gang cause we have been looking forward for this movie for quite some time.And sure enough, the return of Kapten Jack Sparrow never let us down....The role played by Johnny Depp was still superb and funny.In short-->NICE! Everything was perfect and can't wait to watch the 3rd part...haha! It is a 5 Stars movie, so it's a MUST watch movie!

After the movie, all of us were starving.Before we headed to the restaurant, as usual the Naboobians will have a 'confereance' to decide which restaurant to go.....Food juction?Teppanyaki?Pizza Hut?the Golden arch(McD)? and the list goes on....Our stomach were roaring but still we can't made up our mind where to go...haih!(it's very normal acctually).After half and hour of discussion and debate,we went Nando's instead.A surprise belated party was celebrated for our dear XAN(p/s:her birthday was actually 6th of July),the workers and customers actually gave full cooperation by singing the world known 'birthday song' for her.Xan,hope you had a great time!

Ok now,back to the depressed feelings of getting back our EOS results.
Huh, the miserable days for semester 1 medical students has indeed come to an end...there are happy and sad faces around... as for my group, we're more than satisfied.Finally the hard work has been paid off!-->Pei can go Hong Kong happily,Aditya can go back Kenya to meet his dad, Denise can go for her floral arrangement, Geoffrey can go scuba diving, Hwei Wan can visit her sis in UK without worries, Xan can go for yoga,Shan can go back JB and me?Stay in Vista doing NOTHING!!!:(

watssup Doc:Continuous hard work will definitely bear fruits,so give your best whenever u can
-Try your best and God will do the rest-

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*jeSSicA* said...

I wanna watch Pirates of Carribean!!!!!!!! Have been waiting for it for soooo long.

And, u guys chose Nando's at the end too? haha...