Thursday, January 06, 2011

the moment of TRUTH!

Happy New Year my dearest bloggie..sorry that I have abandoned you lately..but dun worry, I always rmb that I have you, as my small little hiding place:)

The title speaks it all, many will have known that my exemption finals is in 2 weeks time. 3 days, 2 written papers, 1 day of 16stations OSCE and ONE results to decide where I go next. No the end of the world yet if I didnt make it because this means I just have to sit for the real actual final which is in May..but if I do pass...then I can skip that exams lor! Argh......think POSITIVE, Angie! I love medicine, i really do...but not the adrenaline rush when sitting for exams...i cant handle that well..
there is only one thing running in my mind now..that is..
I wan to go home badly:'(
I'm very uberly stress..even my sleep has been affected!
Waking up like 4.30am is not helping..

Palpitations and fear of failure keep haunting me.
God...........hear my cry:(
on the lighter note, Huey Shann and bf came to visit Manchester few days ago:)
Glad to have you around's been ages but good to have a short catch up with you, esp in Manchester!!! Would love to pay you a visit one day!
2011 marks the 18th year of us knowing each other:)
See ya soon!

would love to blog bout my Christmas celebration and new year's resolution and reflections...but at this moment, i should get back to do some work

wasSup Doc:
When fear and worry test your faith
And anxious thoughts assail,
Remember God is in control
And He will never fail.

*remember that Angie*


Huey Shann said...

Jia you, my dear! Jia you jia you and jia you!!! :)

Love you lots!

Ang3 said...

thanks dear:)
love u too....really miss having you in Manchester :)

Mr. J said...

Be strong Jay!
We know you can do it ;)

Ang3 said...

Thank you Mr J :)
please keep me in prayer k...^_^