Monday, October 04, 2010

All is well

with my soul..phew, another week has just gone passed! Time FLIES!!!!

The annual juniors-seniors welcoming party was held in Chaophraya yesterday:) Quite a lot of seniors turned up, to 'viva' these freshers. the MUST DO as IMU seniors i supposed. Tradition continues! In total: 60+ ppl in the annual partay...Manchester is now crowded with Malaysians ESP Imu-Nians!
one of the juniors being questioned..thank God, i'm considered senior now..been through that 2 years's like 2 years AGO! Feels sooOo old nowww...aiyoo!
my lovely juniors, whom we OO-ed when we were sem 5 and they were only sem 1 back then..Manlo and Natasha!Dr Choo is now considered as part of MancuniansS d..LolSisters n brother of mine! :)


Had a Freshers' welcoming party in Church last weekend, so was put to help out in the kitchen! :P Great fun indeed, cooking for about 100 ppl! :)) Likey^_^
the 7kgS of beef to cut into dices for Rendang!tadaaa....ready to be served:) Choices available: Beef rendang or Hainanese Chicken rice:) nyum~
the Kitchen crewSssS! 6 hours of pain, blood and tears..Lol! Hard work weiismileySs
dearest SF-ers..with LOVE!

WasSup Doc: Don't just grow older-- grow better as a follower of Jesus!

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