Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mighty Lady @ Mcr!

FINALLY..the mighty lady visited MANCHESTER!!! She came last weekend, we had great fun, as usual:)the welcoming crew with banner(: me!
Ivyy ang ang..a.k.a. Mighty lady!

us, at home, enjoying Sarah's handmade SeriMurka..NYUM kao kao! TQ sarah xx!

every visitor who visits Angie must go thru BentoMaking exception:P
tadaa...wellDone Ivy:) can make own bento dy..
the MUST GO stadium of dream! Old Trafford:)

Hooray for ManUtd!

emo-ing in changing room~

dimsum. dimsum. dimsum. a MUST EAT @ Mcr!

we then went town and..P.L.A.Y! POSERsss!

again~...muakakak...only ppl like us can do random things like this!

Yay...finally my heart shaped egg works:) been trying to make one nice one since ages ago but it never turned out nice..but tadaa...managed to make one complete heart shaped egg for her on Sunday morning! Must be her love so free :))
this is our favourite bakery in Manchester..Wong Wong bakery! They sell loads of Chinese buns and stuff...glowing in golden color...everything looks nyum~but quite pricey lorr:(guess wat she bought home to Edin?? 20 EGG TARTS!! Peeps in Edin must be really deprived:P
beaming with J.O.Y at Krispy Kreme..i just realised there is no KK in Edin..peeps in Edin deprived again...aiyoooo..come again la k! I bring u jalan jalan n makan makan!aww..time flies:( really miss this mighty lady dy...Looking forward to our next meeting:)

wasSup Doc: She taught me smth over this weekend...I NEED a FROG:)

thanks Ivy!


ivyyy! said...

awww i just saw your post. thank you for such a lovely weekend my dear (: heh remember you need to message 1 person every morning. jiayou my dear goodie frog! love

Ang3 said...

>ivyyy: thank U for coming all the way with so much love+care+time:):)
yup, i'm always reminded by FROG and a mini change of my habit...goodie good!