Thursday, March 25, 2010

God meant it when He says NO...

I'm back for a bit...

Just need to take a break from work to 'resuscitate' my dying blog. Sorry for this long absence, been very busy with work and work and more work. School work of course, but there are other bits and pieces of church ministry as well. Am on the run and am always will..That's my calling, that's my passion..*aduh:P*


Coincidently, KF, Steph and My birthday are just one week apart. So we had a trio celebration at Koreana in Manchester:) It's a Korean Restaurant. Served fairly good and authentic Korean food. So yup, for a celebration as such, we pampered ourselves with some yummy food:))

Another year older, sigh..time flies and I DUN WANT TO TURN 23 yet!!
may our wishes come true~



I started using my 4 compartments bento box i won over a bento contest last month and it is really useful and make my life so much easier:) All I hv to do is to fill each compartments with different food and it will look pretty~ happy bunny me~

************************ let me explain why my title says so..God meant it when He says NOooO... Just bear with me:) Hmmmm, just recently, I participated in a few more bento contests. Basically ALL NEEED LUCK coz it's like a randomised generator will choose the winner. And so, I thought if i took part more/ sending in more entries will give me a higher chance to WIN! It's not about the gifts actually, it's more about winning! The KICK of it:P So 1 day 2 day 3..everyday, i spent quite a while to send in more entries..begging ppl to allow me to use their email adds to send in more entries and bla bla bla...1st contest' results OUT..nope, not me! 2nd one..the SAME and the 3rd one, which i put in MOST effort...didn't win! and the winner's number was just 2 numbers after mine and 1 number infront of mine(coz i REALLY submitted quite a lot of entries)! How disappointing is that! Argh..and thus I am wring this blog post could that be~~~ it's just not meant to be mine:'(

but from this, I realised, God says NO when it's not the right time! He says NO when He knows there is better things for you in future. His 'NO' doesn't mean He doesn't love you, it's just it's not the perfect time. There is a time for everything and He will give you when He thinks it's the right time.and finally when He says 'NO', He really means it and so no matter how much effort you put's still a NO NO NO from Him...So wait~ He is patient with you and thus you need to be patient as well.

I'm amazed by how God can speak..through things, through ppl, through EVERYTHING! He cant be seen, but He is there...the omni-present God...that's the incommunicable attribute of God:) human just cant understand..

Joel drew me this pic during one SF session and it's such a lovely pic, reminding me that God is watching over me wherever I am. Though I may be one small tiny creature on this earth, He knows me inside out and He loves me SUPERly much:)

" Maybe another early prayer time? I'll provide the sunrise and bird songs!"

xxx God.

wasSup Doc: 'In my distress, I called to the Lord, and He answered me....Jonah 2:2'


jasperseng said...

i think God said... stop collecting bento boxes haha.... That's your calling, that's your passion.

*jeSSicA* said...

proton saga??

Ang3 said...

> Jasper: LOL...yea, i think so too! Am too obsessed with it!

> Jess: that's quite random fren was just being funny:P