Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gomo Kelate gomo...

'Kelate meme come:) '

1 week in Kelantan was GREAT! It's been a year since i went back and LOADS of changes seen.

the most apparent changes was that, there were SOSO many kopitiamS mushrooming the whole KB town. Guess those are the only hanging out places since there is no cinema around. And though the competition is so strong, they still could survive. PLUS, people like us, who went back KB for holidays, will go yum cha every night at different kopitiams:) the so called 'kopitiam crawl'..Muakakaka...

highlightS of my one week there!

First up: meeting up with my dearest jimuiS. Though Anne not around..sigh:(

my childhood friends..jimuiS! Syn*Shann*Kimmie*Angie
the 'jalan-jalan cari makan' outing with the gurls:) @ Kebun Sultan

wanted to eat kaojam..but the shop not open, so we went for ABC, uncle Bob n satay instead. Appetizer:P

introducing the chickie choppie!satay suria!:)not satisfied, we adjourned to Meena for light dinner:P we SHARED okay..!

and to cool down our throat after the curry feast, we headed for this roadside stall for herbal tea. PLUS a PAO each..life is just so..wonderful:P

think it's because we've just got back from overseas, missing the Malaysian foods too much, so we've been non- stop munching n eating so that we won't regret when we return to the respective countries later on...!

good time of eating, good time of sharing, good time of getting fat together:P

the wonderful peeps i met @ KB:)

MUStaqim @ KB Mall..good seeing u bro at KB..guess u're back in Canada now. See ya in Dec:)

Mr. Kam Meng @ Billy Cafe:) the legendary chem teacher from Chung Hwa!

sisterly LoVe@ Hayaki kopitiam! missing Anne:(

Shannie! @ Oriental Kopitiam classic..All the bestie @US k..final year..Go dear!

mini Kimme@ Kemaman Kopitiam..ush ush in BVC k! waiting for u to b lawyer weii!

HanSyn @ Meena:) the prettiest boss in KB! dun overwork nah dear!

Pick Chung @ Hayaki! Meet the genius! PhD soon oh...all de best in Arizona!

Fish&Chips + Chickie Choppie @ pantai with Miao and Boon! niceY..

Miao*Shann*Kimmie*Boon @ Kemaman Kopitiam. New shop weii:P

Massive group reunion @ Kemaman!

last night yum cha @ Golden Bean Cafe:)macam gengster saje...authentic budok kelate:)us in specs:P thanks to Bucit:) Modelling all the specs in his shop! muakkakakak! oh the 1H/2H/3H classmates:)An Le Chicken rice...last lunchie with Shannie n gang:) aww...gonna miss the chicken rice and time spending together:)

the must eat fOoood @ KBmummy home cooked Pan Mee!!
kaojam kaojam kaojam..not the best one in town though. kinda unlucky coz the shop i always went was closed throughout the whole week i was there..so i have to resort to another stall:(Nasi Dagang with beef n fishJln Hamzah beef noodle
Kuih-muih..apam, jin dui, akok and Fatt kuih..
and i found smth new... ham chin peng with 'ling yong' filling! VERY nice oh..Lily!! u would LOVE this!!

Thank God for my younger bro who willingly drove me around in KB..coz i still cant drive confidently..but but but 08/08/09 was a special day coz..mum allowed me to drive to town myself !!...woohoo..a great achievement i must say....happy happy!:)

am now back in Seremban. Lil didi going back US dy...which means few more days, i will be going back UK as well:(

10 more days...just another 10 more days and year 4 shall commence...

wasSup Doc: i felt so reluctant to leave my dearest Kelantan yesterday. I knew the next time i come back, would be another year or so. The small town i grew up, with great friends, great foods and simple life. i like.


*jeSSicA* said...

i wanna go yum cha................how i wish aussie season is the same time as uk/us season

Ang3 said...

Muakakka..i wish that too!then semua boleh balik bersama-sama dan beryum-cha together..kan kan kan:)

*jeSSicA* said...

yeala! i often think that, u ppl studying in uk or us, whenever got holidays surely get to see ppl back from both countries...or any other country at the west. whereas for me, it's only ppl studying at aus...well nz as well but nobody from kb study in nz, so only aus. so yea, will be good if we boleh balik bersama-sama then i can meet more ppl =P

Ly said...

Wah.. so syok all your foood. make me salivate.
miss you babe!

Ang3 said...

>Jess:aiya..u guys get to enjoy Chinese New Year ler..with frens all over and ang pao and banyak biscuits...sigh. we all ler, 1st day also need to go school n work..

>Ly:yesSss..all food tasted GOOOD! u shud also show me some nice food pics u ate in Kuching la..me wan see too! let me salivate larrr...

*jeSSicA* said...

hey we wont be able to celebrate CNY for the next 2 years la!! so no difference compare to u guys also >.<