Monday, June 22, 2009


SSC started last Monday, and was asked to do an audit...Mr Maclean DOes remember me:) the gurl from Malaysia...muakkakakak and he even remembered my name! Impressive...but his vulgar-ness..haih...

oh well, i had to go through 600+ patient's past medical history, to see whether they're on the appropriate medication for their hypertensive condition. Phew, hard work i must say, facing the computer was tiring..BACK pain, and brain torturing! Tomorrow will be another 800+ patients' notes...but THANK GOD, all the patients' notes are all computerised, imagine if i were to go through paperS..that will be WORST! So yea, something to be grateful...the invention of computer programmes! Yay...

It's been a busy busy week..with lots of friends visiting Manchester!

first up..Melanie and Kimmie, my dearest DEAREST ji muiS..who grew up with me in this lil small town called Kota Bharu, Kelantan! Finally, we got to meet up in the UK. But sorry gurls, didnt really get to spend much time with you both, due to my SSC!!! But short catch up as such was good enough^_^ till we meet again back home k! Kimmie*Angie*Melanie*Septi(Mel's friend from Indon)

the LOVE birds who prepared dinner for the group:)

Chicken rice by Kimmie! Super proud of this small lil gurl. I grew up with her since i was 7y.o. She NEVER step into the kitchen and dun even know how to switch on the stove! And now, things have changed tremendously! She could even cook nice meals, like this chicken rice all by herself! Studying abroad will really train you to be independent ya!

us, finally met in UK!

love u all, gurls!

Next up, Steve's a.k.a JiaHeng's 23rd birthday! JunQi came all the way to Machester the BF's big day:) so yeap, had dinner at Yang Sing with Wilfred as well...poor couple, wanted to eat duck so badly but didnt get to cause the waitress ACCIDENTALLY sold the last duck away..*pissed*!

And they compensated us by giving 4 mini pathetic coconut tart..sigh:P Anyway, Happy Birthday Steve! Hope you had a GREAT one though*_*
the BIG BOSS of the day:)


SOoooo, the exchange rate now has shot up to 1 pound to RM5.80! Initially, it was RM 5.10:(
Thus, we decided NOT to eat out this weekend. Stayed in and cook ourselves=save money$$!
Our attempt to grill Marmite Honey pork chop on Saturday night was a succesS!

even my hallmates, the locals came up and praise our pork chop. "Hmmm, it smells goOd!"
Little did she knows, it's super easy to cook this!
we came to 1 conclusion: 3 of us ar..cant really cook complicated meals, but simple food like this is good enuff to make us S.M.I.L.E!
Ly's SUCCESS! she finally managed to bake fairy cupcakes PERFECTLY..
very soft in the inside, tasted GREAT!
see these distorted cupcakes. this was our 1st attempt baking cupcakes 5 months back, complete failure!

but now..
presentable+yum yum taste cupcakes!
Aunt must be very very proud of this daughter of yours, right:)
She has grown up..dun need worry dy!

And Black pepper beef with noodle for Sunday dinner:)

and Lily baked another banana tea loaf bread for 3 of us:)

it's for our lunch over this week. Something sweet to end our lunch..we've always been green monsters when we see our friends, munching choc bars after their lunch, but since we're on a diet, we shall NOT indulge ourselves in that lar small little piece of banana bread should satisfy our sweet tooth!

note: ALL these dessert are made of healthy ingredientS..LESS butter, LESS sugar and go BROWN!
Angie in pJ with her smiley cupcakes!
i like.i really do..happy!
Thanks Ly^_^

before i end this post...
Happy Father's Day to my DEAREST Papa:)
TQ, for being such an AWESOME dad!
an ever supportive dad who gives your all for us, the 4..
hope you had a great day
p/s: i particularly like this pic of yours, dad...
a man after God's heart:)

wasSup Doc: there are more visitors in Manchester...updates>NEXT POST..suspense!


Dino said...

hi~ Siew Ting here!
do u have any friend studying in Memorial U (Canada)......?

my PMS~
haha... totally blank about tht place .....!

*jeSSicA* said...

i am back! gosh, i forgot about father's day...well, coz aussies celebrate father's day in sept (i guess nz too?)...anyway, i miss you girl!

p/s: is it me being too observant or is it true that ur eyebrows are growing thicker? muahahaha