Tuesday, June 16, 2009

post OSCE..

BIG relief...post OSCE

I cant confidently said that i did very well because i could have done better:(
But really thank God for the PEACE He has showered upon me. I have never felt so at peace throughout this exams and I know it's He who held my hands and stayed beside me throughout.
It's a peace that transcends all understanding. Words cant described....Thank You oh Father!

So, Min and KeeFong who finished OSCE 2 days earlier than the rest prepared a great dinner for us...Tom yam beehun and xiao bai chai...Nyum! Esp after a long day after our OSCE!
Min, in action:)
Seafood tom yam! SLurp...superB the 2nd main chef, KeeFong!

Xiao Bai chai and mushroom:)

End product!

Since we dun hv long holiday after OSCE, we decided to go London over the weekend, just before our 4 weeks SSC attachment starts...Woohoo...the best of British:) The 3 gurls who went down 1st:) and our 1st destination was the National History Museum^_^ (very nice ler the architecture of this building, and there are LOADS of AREAs in this museum! Very educational indeed..no wonder the Brits kids are so SMART!)the superSUPER GIANT tree trunk, so called Giant Sequoia(big tree)

Big sis+xiao mei^_^

mua mua mua*_*

we then went to Trafalgar Square for pic snapping moments!the 'ROMANA' pic:P

sigh, i couldnt climb up to ride on this famous LION:( coz i dun hv a bf to push me up! Sharks..i shall bring my bf along next time:P:P

Siti, Christina and KF joined us the 2nd day:)us @ Bond Street with the famous red buS:)

we even went to Holborn to visit the Hunterian Museum, which displays a good deal of medical texts and also offers an insight of the history and practise of the surgeons throughout the years. Abundance of skeletons and diseased organs. in short 100x bigger than our MMS in IMU:P actually my main purpose to Holborn was to get my bro's legal bands..but unfortunately, the shop is CLOSE! Too bad la koko...:(

and the last day, we went Covent Garden Market for a walk. Loads of stalls selling unique stuff

smiley^_^Sunny Hot Day with sunhine smile!

and the MAIN+REAL purpose of goin London!
Roast Duck @ FOUR SEASON!
*phew phew phew!!*tadaaa....really GOooooODddD!
Crispy duck wrap:)the DUCK L.O.V.E.RssS!(no wonder we can click so well!)
the BIG smileS on our faces!

Mission Accomplished:)

and before we headed home, we stopped by Hyde Park for a walk. The weather was so Sunny, and everyone was sunbathing in the park. So we joined along, we didnt burn ourselves under the sun of course, we were just busy taking pics, with the locals as background..muakakk:P
us and the many 'ants' sunbathing!Angie*siTi
sTepH*LiLy busy with camera! shot 1
and again..shot 2
aiyo..our brothaa..posing nih!
finally, the ULTIMATE touristS..muakkkaak.
we both just love this pic..very de much (Ly, wat is the name of this spec dy???)

okay..enuff of holidays:)
my next holidays will be in Malaysia!

my SSC started today. and yipee, i got the same GP i was attached to previously in Urmston.
dr MacLean!
though i will have to travel about 1 and half hour to get there, guess it's worth it coz he is hilarious and very patient in teaching me!
wokay dokes(Dr Maclean favourite phrase)

wasSup Doc:
Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful,
for beauty is God's handwriting


edwina said...

auntie.... where u stay in london? any recommendations? ehhehe..

Ang3 said...

>Ed: MALAYSIAN HALL!!! CHEAP N COMFY..sign up in Masduke.net. Then book online...really worthwhile!